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Comment in Financial Times

May 20, 2008


On Friday I ended my blog with: “Just as I was about to begin writing about this week’s other important article in the Financial Times I got an invitation to write an article for that newspaper. You will now get to read that part of my intended blog a little latter in FT.” I worked […]

Dry appraisal wells in the Barents Sea

May 19, 2008


I use to get press releases from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and today came another one of these releases that tell us that the well was dry. This time it was more interesting then usual as this well was in the Barents Sea. CERA and others are claiming that the Barents Sea is full of […]

Hearing in the House of Representatives

May 19, 2008


Yesterday evening I looked at the news on CNN and, once again, oil was a hot topic. This time the story was that the US Congress would conduct a hearing with the heads of the five largest oil companies. This reminded me of 2005 when I was called to the House of Representatives to testify […]

Saudi Arabia says no to Bush

May 17, 2008


(English translation by C. Briggs) Yet again president Bush came to Saudi Arabia in order to ask for more oil, and the answer once more was ”no”. The increase he wanted was all of the so-called reserve capacity. What is interesting is that this theoretical reserve has never been tested in practice, and that about […]

Reduced forecat by IEA

May 16, 2008


During the week the price of ”Light Sweet Crude Oil” has been stable between $123 and $126 and just now there is nothing to indicate that the price will fall to below $120 in the immediate future. Last Tuesday the IEA, the International Energy Agency, issued a press release in which they reduced their expectation […]

Diesel, Gasoline and Ethanol

May 15, 2008


The Platts conference has ended and it is now time for me to summarise two interesting days. The theme for the conference was “Challenges for Crude Oil” and my own contribution fitted in well. However, the main messages that I am taking home form Vienna are the developments that we can expect for the various […]

The Price of Oil

May 14, 2008


 Changes in the price of oil are reported in newspapers and on radio and TV five days a week. Usually it is the price of “WTI” and “Brent” that is discussed. WTI is an abbreviation of “West Texas Intermediate” and Brent is the name of an oilfield in the North Sea. In the past, production […]

Matthew Simmons and Peak Oil

May 13, 2008


 Matt Simmons and TV4 in Sweden It is a pleasure to meet Matt again. The last time was the fall of 2007 when his company organised an oil conference in Scotland.   When the world’s first Peak Oil conference was organised in Uppsala, Sweden, in the spring of 2002 it was called the “International Workshop […]

Vienna and OPEC

May 12, 2008


(Swedish below)   Now I am in Vienna, the old imperial capital that once was a centre of power in Europe. OPEC has its head office in Vienna but, compared with the old imperial palace the office is a fairly simple building. Today is not edicts from the imperial palace that cause the world to […]

Old blogs are now translated to English

May 11, 2008


Thank you Michael Lardelli.


May 9, 2008


  Solen skiner och det är vår. Jag återkommer på måndag. Det är helt fantastiskt att 2.300 besök har noterats under 5 dagar. Tack för intresset.   The sun is shining and it is spring. I will come back on Monday. It’s great that 2.300 hits are reported during 5 days. Thank you.   Kjell

Priset på bensin och värdet på dollarn

May 9, 2008


    Vecka 19 2008, den vecka som börjar med den 5 maj, kan bli historisk. Det var den vecka då oljepriset passerad $120 per fat för leverans i juni. Denna dyra olja skall sedan passera ett raffinaderi och så småningom någon gång i juli når den bensinstationerna och oss konsumenter. Frågan är om den prishöjning […]