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Peak Oil – politikernas bästa vän

August 13, 2008


(Will not come in English as I refer to an article in Swedish) Uppsala Nya Tidning har för tillfället en serie inlägg som skall ha anknytning till miljön. Tidigare i somras skickade jag in en debattartikel som man föreslog att jag skulle ändra om så att den passade för denna serie av inlägg. Rubriken blev […]

War in Georgia III / Kriget i Georgien III

August 13, 2008


The rain of bombs over Georgia is over for this time. Under the leadership of France’s president, the EU has negotiated a ceasefire and thus has shown that it is a political force. The attack by Georgia on Tschinvali gave the new Russian leadership the possibility to demonstrate their new position of power and their […]

The war in Georgia II / Kriget i Georgien II

August 12, 2008


The war in Georgia rolls on and it is clear that Russia is now calling the shots. In yesterday’s Aktuell [Main Swedish TV news broadcast] that you can watch if you go to, all aspects of the war were discussed including oil. They did not believe that oil was the cause of the conflict, […]

Oil and the war in Georgia / Kriget i Georgien och olja

August 11, 2008


It was in Baku that the Nobel brothers’ oil adventure began in the 1800s and Baku is once again on the way to being an important turning point in the history of oil. The nations around the Caspian Sea have large reserves of oil and gas but the problem has always been to find a […]

”Den sista oljan” / “The last oil”

August 8, 2008


Our estimates of future Norwegian oil production have become news in Norway. First out was Dagens Näringsliv [”The Day’s Industry”, an industry newspaper] with [an online news service] in hot pursuit. As expected the Oil Directorate says that we are too pessimistic. To I advanced the opinion that Norway should have kept to […]

Energy and the American presidential election / Energi och det amerikanska presidentvalet

August 6, 2008


Yesterday evening I watched CNN and ”The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer. What they discussed mostly was the American presidential election. It looks as though the energy question will feature prominently in the election campaign and just now there are many proposals from both the presidential candidates. What they seem to be agreed on is […]

En riksek har fallit / A tree of national importance has fallen

August 5, 2008


(English below) I Uppsalatrakten finns, eller snarare har det funnits, ett antal ekar av riksintresse. Vi har Kungseken, den 700-åriga ek som fanns strax söder om Flottsund. Numera finns bara den ihåliga stammen kvar av trädet. Det sägs att Gustav Vasa en gång stannade till i skuggan under eken efter en ridtur och att Erik […]

The Agenda for Autumn / Höstens agenda

August 5, 2008


The holidays are over and before me I have an interesting autumn with research, teaching and a number of presentations around the world. In terms of research we now begin a collaboration that has been agreed to by Uppsala University and China University of Petroleum in Beijing. At the end of August my students and […]

The High Oil Price and “Waste” and “Save” / Högt oljepris och “Slösa” och “Spara”

August 2, 2008


The holiday month July began with the price of oil passing $140 per barrel to reach the record price of $145.31 on July 3. In the middle of the month the price sank to $130 per barrel and has since floated around $125 per barrel. The drop in price has created a feeling that oil […]