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Global interest for Peak Oil / Globalt intresse för Peak Oil

November 28, 2008


Despite the lower price of oil, interest for Peak Oil is higher than ever. During the month of November requests for presentations on Peak Oil have broken all records. From China in the east to Argentina in the west with stopovers in Austria, Denmark and Sweden I have given a total of 9 presentations in […]

The Flat Earth Economists

November 25, 2008


At the beginning of this century the price of oil was around US$25 per barrel and the world’s collected economic expertise on the price of oil was unanimous that it would stay the same until 2025. As shown in the figure below the prognosis was extremely “flat”. Colin Campbell gave the economists the nickname “The […]

The Future’s Electric Transport / Framtidens elektriska transportmedel

November 22, 2008


It’s great to have free access to my blog once again. A walk on Shanghai’s streets requires care so that one is not run over. They swarm around in the twilight quieter than a swarm of bees and they don’t bother to use any lights. It is a wondrous feeling to see how these electric-powered […]

Aviation fuel

November 21, 2008


Two months ago I was invited to give a presentation at IATA’s “Aviation Fuel Forum” in Shanghai. By coincidence, one hour later my student Emma sent me a draft of her project report “Aviation Fuels and Peak Oil”. It was an odd feeling to read both those emails one after the other. Now I am […]

Iraq’s Oil and the Future

November 15, 2008


Wednesday the 13th of November will be a day to remember. For a number of hours I and my research group had the opportunity to discuss Iraq’s oil in detail with Dr Issam A. R. al-Chalabi. He has worked in Iraq’s oil industry for 23 years and has been chairman for SCOP, the State Company […]

Iraks olja och framtid

November 14, 2008


(English will come) Onsdagen den 13 november blir en dag att minnas. Under några timmar fick jag tillsammans med min forskargrupp möjlighet att i detalj diskutera Iraks olja med Dr Isaam A.R. al-Chalabi. Han har arbetat inom Iraks oljeindustri under 23 år och varit ordförande för SCOP, State Co. for Oil Projects, ordförande för INOC, […]

“The challenges we face”

November 11, 2008


In his victory speech, President Elect Obama made the following pronouncement, ”I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.” In my opinion, Peak Oil is the greatest challenge that we have before us and I hope that Barack Obama will, as president, accept the message that ASPO has promoted since the […]

A Seminar on Iraq’s oil and the future / Seminarium om Iraks olja och framtiden

November 9, 2008


On Wednesday 12 November I have the possibility of organising an interesting seminar on oil in Iraq. On that day The Ångström Laboratory will be visited by two people with good insight into Iraq and the nation’s oil resources – an area commonly regarded as factually uncertain when estimates of the world’s oil resources are […]

ASPO Argentina’s first Peak Oil Symposium / ASPO Argentinas första Peak Oil symposium

November 8, 2008


Argentina is an oil producing nation that passed Peak Oil in 1998. They are still an oil exporting nation but their exports are decreasing and they are now turning their gaze out to sea. ASPO Argentina organised its first Peak Oil symposium on November 6. They had invited the Chairperson of the Energy Committee of […]


November 5, 2008


The political map of the USA has been redrawn. During President Bush’s tenure it was the oil industry that had powerful representatives in the White House. Now with President Obama it will be the oil consumers that have power. In terms of the consumption of oil we have the same old map – the USA […]

Financial Times and IEA

November 4, 2008


In the middle of last week Financial Times (FT) published an article that used data from a preliminary version of a report that the International Energy Agency (IEA) will release on November 12. The FT article stated that the IEA now believes global oil production in 2030 will be 106.4 million barrels per day (mb/d). […]

“Samborombon, en liten by förutan gata”

November 3, 2008


(Just in Swedish) För oss svenskar är dessa rader från Evert Taube och visan Fritjof och Carmencita välkända: ”Samborombon, en liten by förutan gata, den ligger inte långt från Rio de la Plata, nästan i kanten av den blåa Atlanten och med Pampas bakom sig i många hundra gröna mil, dit kom jag ridande en […]