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The year that passed and the year ahead

December 29, 2008


2008 will go down in history as an extreme year for the price of oil and also for the production of oil. Most people are only interested in the price. One year ago on 28 December oil was selling for US$89.76 per barrel. In January of this year it passed US$90 per barrel. The price […]

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2008


To all of you that spend some time reading my blog I like to thank you, but I also have to admit that I’m addicted to write something every week. I’m thankful if you now make suggestions to make my blog better and I’m also glad if you think that something is good as it […]

Imagine if one had taken Peak Oil seriously / Tänk om man tagit Peak Oil på allvar

December 23, 2008


For many years, we have heard the message that we should consume less, but the question is if those who spread this message have thought through its consequences. In order to illustrate the importance of trade for our economy, I usually discuss our need for new clothes. Cultivating cotton etc impacts the environment and a […]

Do we need to worry about Peak Oil

December 22, 2008


In the middle of November, I was invited to Shanghai to discuss Peak Oil at IATA’s Aviation Fuel Forum. My discussion partner was Michael Lynch, an economist who does not believe in Peak Oil. Now the discussion continues in Science & Public Affairs, a publication from the British Association for the Advancement of Science. The […]

Steven Chu – new Secretary of Energy in the USA / Steven Chu – ny energiminister i USA

December 19, 2008


Many people have compared Obama with Kennedy and there is certainly a similarity as regards future energy policy in the US. In Kennedy’s days there was no Secretary of Energy. President Clinton appointed the first Secretary of Energy in the US, James R. Schlesinger. In President Kennedy’s day energy issues were delegated to the government […]

Energy – Climate – Economy / Energi – Klimat – Ekonomi

December 16, 2008


My last lecture for this year followed an invitation from the Energy Forum in Bergen, Norway, that requested a presentation on Peak Oil. A review of this year’s presentations revealed that it was to be the 40th. The theme for the symposium in Bergen was “Energy – Climate – Economy; how clearly can we see […]

Swedish youth want to be researchers / Svenska ungdomar vill bli forskare

December 14, 2008


Since 2002, the organisation “Science and Society” has investigated the public’s confidence in researchers and the attitudes of young people to research. The latest research shows that the public’s confidence in researchers has never been greater and that 78% of those surveyed had great or very great confidence in researchers at universities. That feels very […]

The Future’s Climate Policy / Framtidens klimatpolitik

December 12, 2008


Today, Friday 12 December is a decisive day for the future’s climate policy. In Poznan in Poland the United Nations’ climate meeting will conclude and in Brussels the EU’s leaders will decide what measures the EU will take against climate change. At the top of the agenda for both meetings is carbon dioxide emissions. The […]

Oil and the balance of power / Oljan och maktbalansen

December 8, 2008


Normally I write on questions related to ”decline” in oil fields or oil producing regions. However, an article in the Financial Times of 26 November with the title ”Is Americas’s new declinism for real?” has made me wonder whether there is any connection between Peak Oil and what the Guardian some days earlier had as […]

Mercedes – Chrysler and Peak Oil

December 5, 2008


This week has been all about the automobile industry so why not conclude with some events from 2005 and 2006? It began when I received a telephone call from Stuttgart and one of the heads in Mercedes’ research department. He was interested in Peak Oil and the research work we did at Uppsala University. We […]

General Motors wants to sell Saab / General Motors vill sälja Saab

December 3, 2008


One day Volvo, the next day Saab. The American automobile industry is leaving Sweden. No possible buyer for Saab has been suggested and the future seems uncertain. The American automobile industry can survive if Americans decide to buy American cars instead of imported models. We Swedes overwhelmingly prefer Swedish cars but we are too few […]

Volvo is up for sale / Volvo är till salu

December 2, 2008


Yesterday afternoon came the news that Ford is prepared to sell Volvo if they can find a suitable buyer. If the American government is to intervene to support the American automobile industry then it will be difficult to defend continued support to foreign car brands. Volvo must be excised somehow. The Swedish government, represented by […]