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Kommentarer till kommentarer i Dagens industri

January 29, 2009


(Not in English) Just nu finns det 77 kommentarer till artikeln i Dagens industri. Av dessa har man plockat bort 17, som förmodligen inte följde deras bestämmelser. Kvar finns 60 kommentarer och jag har försökt att kommentera dem alla. Ni hittar kommentarerna här.

“Oil production peaked in July 2008” / “Oljeproduktionen toppade i juli 2008”

January 28, 2009


On Monday, Carl-Johan Lejland from “Industry Today (Dagens Industri)” rang to discuss oil. Yesterday evening the interview was published on The headline was “Oil production peaked in July 2008”. An English translation from Swedish by Michael Lardelli is below: CARL-JOHAN LEJLAND “Oil production peaked in July 2008” There are numerous indications that world oil […]

A historic day for energy / En historisk dag för energi

January 27, 2009


Last Monday President Obama noted the importance of energy. We are justified in asserting that this was a historic day: “No single issue is as fundamental to our future as energy”, he said and continued, “It is time for this moment of peril to be turned into one of progress.” It is now 15 years […]

Holiday trips in the future / Framtidens semesterresor

January 25, 2009


An article about that the charter companies now see that the number of bookings is decreasing, and it is primarily the long trips from Sweden to Thailand that are decreasing. One charter company is even cancelling all their trips to Thailand. All this gives me a reason to discuss the graduation project of my student […]

Natural gas and Obama / Naturgas och Obama

January 21, 2009


Yesterday at 12 noon local time in Washington, USA history was written when Barack Hussein Obama took the oath as the president of the United States. An enormous crowd was there and an enormous number of people around the world followed this historic moment via TV. I myself watched this historic moment in a hotel […]

”Depletion” , Dagens Industri och TV8

January 12, 2009


Bara en kort stund efter det bloggen om vår artikel lagts ut ringde Di-TV (Dagens Industris TV-kanal) och ville göra ett inslag om Norges minskade produktion. Då inslaget filmades blev det mest om vår nya artikel om världens gigantfält. Inslaget skall komma i kväll måndag kl 21:30 på TV 8. Ni kan också se det […]

A new article on the world’s giant oil fields / Ny artikel om världens gigantfält

January 12, 2009


For a researcher it is a little like Christmas when their scientific article is accepted for publication. Last Friday we had such a moment. An email from the journal Natural Resources Research informed us that our article, “The evolution of giant oil field production behaviour” had been accepted for publication. In the article we have […]

The beginning of the end of the gas conflict in Ukraine / Början till slutet på gaskonflikten i Ukraina

January 9, 2009


From the beginning it was declared that the gas conflict was a business dispute between gas companies. However, in the end the solution seems to be a political one where the prime ministers of Russia and Germany, Putin and Angela Merkel, played first violins. Now inspectors will be put in place to observe that Ukraine […]

Ukraine – the spider in the web / Ukraina – spindeln i nätet

January 7, 2009


Four large gas pipelines run through Ukraine that supply the EU with approximately 20% of the gas it uses. For a number of days three of the pipelines have been closed. At midnight last night the fourth was shut down. Some of Europe’s nations are 100% dependent on Russia for gas. These are mostly nations […]

Gazprom and Ukraine / Gazprom och Ukraina

January 2, 2009


The start of the blogging year at Aleklett’s Energy Mix could hardly be more dramatic with the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine. You can read about it at the BBC website, Russia-Ukraine gas talks collapse, and a good run-down on the background to the conflict can be found at, Russia set to cut […]

Happy New Year

January 1, 2009


A new year has started and we all hope that it will be a good year, but we also know that it will be a very hard for many. I’m sure that energy will be even more important this year then it was last year and I will try to cover energy in my Energy […]