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Peak Coal is coming

February 27, 2009


The signature “Concerned Analyst” makes the following statement: “While reserve data for coal is questionable, in light of the importance of coal to the global economy, it is essential that credible experts, possibly a group of peak oil analysts, issue a series of extensive, in-depth reports on future coal production.” I just like to inform […]

President Obama’s Energy Challenge / President Obamas energiutmaning

February 25, 2009


In his speech to Congress, President Obama pointed out the importance of energy for our society. Once again he said that the USA would double its production of renewable energy in the next three years and that energy imports will decrease. It is time to look at a few numbers to see what the implications […]

USA’s crisis package and giant oilfields / USA:s krispaket och gigantiska oljefält

February 18, 2009


Yesterday President Obama signed into law the House of Representatives’ decision to inject $787 billion into the economy. An important day for the USA. In his speech before signing, he pointed out the importance of transforming the USA’s energy system. The entire infrastructure will be modernized, new railways, repaired roads, new powerlines for electricity transmission […]

”Global Energy Resources – and the way to a sustainable society”

February 11, 2009


Jacob Wallenberg, Veli-Matti Reinikkala, Ian Lundin, Kjell Aleklett The Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce was officially opened in May last year. Ian Lundin, the chairman of the board of Lundin Oil, was elected as its chairman. Yesterday, on 10 February 2009, a symposium was organized by the Chamber in Zurich with the title, “Global Energy […]

A turbulent flightpath / En skakig flygväg

February 10, 2009


The flight from Stockholm to Zurich was a little bumpy. Currently there is a storm over Europe and the airport in Paris, among others, is closed. Apparently, Zurich is on the edge of the storm or is entering its eye. When we began our approach the shaking started and then became constant. To calm myself […]

Global Energy Resources; and the way to a sustainable society

February 9, 2009


(English will come) Ännu en intressant energivecka står för dörren och veckans höjdpunkt blir den energikonferens som Svenska handelkammaren i Zurich arrangerar på tisdag: Global Energy Resources; and the way to a sustainable society Det faktum att Jacob Wallenberg är huvudtalare och att näringslivet nu vill ha med ett föredrag om resursbegränsningar visar att vi […]

New Swedish energy policy with new nuclear energy / Ny svensk energipolitik med ny kärnkraft

February 6, 2009


February 5 is now an historic day for Swedish energy policy. The four conservative parties agreed on a policy under which new nuclear power stations can be built. The decision is completely in line with what I myself think is correct and I have also been part of the political process. A simple internet search […]

The Oil and Gas Network / Nätverket Olja & Gas

February 3, 2009


The [Swedish] Energy Authority decided in 2001 to establish “NOG”, The Network for Oil and Gas. This was the initiative of Andres Muld and the first meeting was organized by Gunnar Agfors who had just completed a report on oil supply for the “IVA”, the Academy of Engineering Science. During the spring of 2001 oil […]