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Dry well in the North Sea – 35/6-2 S

March 31, 2009


If you are interested in following the oil industry’s activities in Norway you can subscribe to the “Oljedirektorat i Norge” [Norwegian Oil Directorate]. You will then receive regular news messages. Today I received the message below. If you follow the link below you will also find links to press releases back to 1996, quite a […]

Research and Technology Festival in Estremoz, Portugal / Forsknings- och teknikfestivalen i Estremoz, Portugal.

March 29, 2009


Last Friday and Saturday, Portugal’s first Research and Technology exposition was arranged (Feira de Ciência e Tecnologia de Estremoz). Research groups from all of Portugal were invited to display their research and a large exhibition hall was filled to the last square meter. Behind this fantastic project there had to be a driving force. In […]

The way to Estremoz / Vägen till Estremoz

March 29, 2009


A semi new-year’s resolution was that I would say “no” more often when I am invited to give a presentation. (I have given about 40 presentations per year during the previous two years.) But when my good friend Rue Namorado Rosa from Èvora University in Portugal asked me it was difficult to say no. Now […]

Matt Simmons and Peak Oil

March 25, 2009


When I organised the world’s first Peak Oil conference here in Uppsala in 2002 Matt Simmons was one of the invited speakers. Since then we meet one or more times a year. Recently, he was interviewed by Steve Paikin in The Agenda, TVO in Toronto, Canada. The interview has just been made available on YouTube. […]

The Struggle for Iraq’s oil / Striden om Iraks olja (DN)

March 20, 2009


(English below) I måndags var min doktorand Bengt och jag inbjudna till DN för att diskutera och informera om framförallt oljan i Mellanöstern och särskilt oljan i Irak. Vi hade en givande stud tillsammans med Michael Winiarski, som höll på och jobbade med en artikel om Iraks olja. Artikeln kan ni läsa i dagens DN. […]

Oil over $50 per barrel / Oljan över $50 per fat

March 19, 2009


When the oil price crashed last autumn there were certainly many who expected that it would be quite a while before it would once again rise above $50 per barrel – but now we are there. When I looked at Nymex’s homepage a few minutes ago the price for delivery in April was $51.00 followed […]

Back to Chalmers [University of Technology] / Åter till Chalmers

March 18, 2009


After four hours travel by train from Uppsala I arrived in Gothenberg in a flood of spring sunshine. I grew up 30km north of Gothenberg in Älvängen. To be more precise, in a little village called Knapetorp two kilometers outside Älvängen, my childhood playground. The nostalgia increased as I left the Central Station and took […]

Föreläsning på Chalmers

March 17, 2009


I all hast har det bestämts att jag skall hålla föredrag kl 13:15 på Chalmers i Göteborg. Information finns på: Om någon råkar befinna sig i Göteborg är det bara att komma.

The Standing Committee on Peak Oil and Gas of the Parliament of the Walloon Region of Belgium visits Uppsala

March 15, 2009


A week ago Friday I received a call from the office of Andres Björk, the County Governor. They asked whether I could receive a delegation from the Parliament of the Walloon Region of Belgium at the end of the next week. Apparently, the delegation’s foremost priority was to visit my research group at Uppsala University. […]

A full-packed week / En fullpackad vecka

March 14, 2009


Monday: Last Monday Stockholm University organized a conference under the theme of “A new green contract for Sweden”. The Rector opened the conference and then it was full-speed ahead with interesting lectures. I myself took part in a section under the heading of “Multiple Resource Crises”. Tuesday: My research group has a collaboration with the […]

An interview with Jorma Ollila, Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell

March 8, 2009


Jorma Ollila has a very successful career as CEO (1992-2006) and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Nokia in Finland. This success made the Royal Dutch Shell in 2006 to appoint Jorma Ollila as the first Chairman outside the industry and outside UK and the Netherlands. As Chairman of Shell he has to tackle […]

AAPG President Scott Tinker and Peak Oil

March 6, 2009


At the end of last week, I got an email from Harry Lynch, who is a documentary film-maker from Austin, Texas. One of the main people in the film that he is currently working on is Dr Scott Tinker, the president of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and director of the Bureau of […]