”Peak Oil Moment”

Posted on March 4, 2009


As a lecturer on Peak Oil I have seen how listeners have experienced what we call their “Peak Oil Moment”, i.e. that moment when they realize the significance of Peak Oil. Recently I gave a run down on peak oil to one of the research heads of one of Sweden’s largest corporations. He began the meeting by confessing that he did not have any idea what Peak Oil means. One and a half hours later he had experienced his “Peak Oil Moment” and I was impressed by his ability to accept this news. It remains to be seen what this means for his corporation’s future.

Hopefully there were some who experienced their “Peak Oil Moment” yesterday when I made my presentation in Knivsta. The audience was mainly politicians from the various parties and I believe that Peak Oil will be an important consideration when they now plan their municipality’s future.

One of the participants told me that it was only a few months ago that he had first become aware of Peak Oil. He had asked his daughter if she know about Peak Oil. The answer he received was “of course I do”. Then she took him out of his comfortable dream and introduced him to reality.

The organizers of the seminar have asked me to add this to the blog:

Dear Kjell,

Our wholehearted thanks for taking your valuable time yesterday (March 3, 2009) to visit our small municipality of Knivsta, near Uppsala. It was an amazingly forceful and worrying scenario you skillfully presented.

In spite of the shadows of the future, we feel that your years of research into these matters are at last opening our eyes to the extraordinary challenges of the coming decades. In the time to come, not only will we need a new world order to lessen the distresses of unequal resources, we will also need to rethink also on the local community level. You have provided more room for thought than we otherwise would have had. May we be guided towards rational action by further research!

Wishing you and your academic research group all good success in conveying insights to the world around us.

Yours very sincerely
Terry Carlbom
Mayor of Knivsta

Som föreläsare om Peak Oil har jag upplevt hur åhörare upplevt det vi kallar för ”Peak Oil Moment”, dvs det ögonblick då man inser vidden av Peak Oil. Nyligen hade jag en genomgång med en av forskningscheferna för ett av Sveriges största företag och mötet inleddes med att han förklarade att han inte hade en aning om vad Peak Oil innebar. En och en halv timma senare hade han upplevt sitt ”Peak Oil Moment” och jag var imponerad över hans förmåga att ta till sig budskapet. Återstår att se hur företagets framtid påverkas.

Förhoppningsvis var det några som upplevde sitt ”Peak Oil Moment” i går då jag framförde mitt budskap i Knivsta. Åhörarna var framförallt politiker från de olika partierna och jag tror att Peak Oil kommer att bli en viktig del då man nu planerar kommunens framtid.

En av deltagarna berättade att det var först för någon månad sedan som han uppmärksammat Peak Oil. Han hade frågat sin dotter om hon kände till Peak Oil och fick som svar ”självklart gör jag det”. Sedan hälsade hon pappa välkommen upp från sofflocket och in i verkligheten.

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