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Global Energy Resources: The Peak Oil View

April 26, 2009


On March 5th I was invited to give a lecture at University of Aberdeen. They have a new open lecture series called “Energy Controversies” (more about the lecture series ) and my visit in Aberdeen is discussed in my blog “AAPG President Scott Tinker and Peak Oil”. The lecture was filmed and if you like […]

Colin Campbell and 100 months of Peak Oil

April 25, 2009


Colin Cambell has now written newsletters for 100 months. 100 months is a long tenure. In his first letter he introduced the world to a new term, ”Peak Oil”. …….. Read more on ASPO International,

The future price of raw materials / Framtidens råvarupriser

April 24, 2009


This week’s blogs have touched quite a bit on the future price of raw materials and that will also be the subject of the week’s final post. I have just returned from a recording with Radio Sweden and the piece that was recorded will be on tomorrow morning’s economy report at 11.40 am. Apparently they […]

Energy is everything

April 23, 2009


My dear translator Michael Lardelli has written an article on “ON LINE OPINION”, Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate. The title is “Energy is everything”. I think you should read it. Energy is everything

Crisis preparedness and Crisis management / Krisberedskap och Krishantering

April 23, 2009


I have just finished attending a security policy conference at Mittuniversitetet [Mid-Sweden University] in Sundsvall. The theme for the conference (organized by the organization People and Defense) was “Crisis preparedness and Crisis management”. County governor Bo Källstrand together with the University’s vice-chancellor Anders Söderholm opened the conference. The storm named Gudrun [on 8 January 2005], […]

Energy alarm sounding for the EU / Röd flagg för EU:s energibehov

April 21, 2009


A shorter version of this article was published in Di, Dagens Industri (the Financial Times of Sweden) on April 21 2009 (read the Swedish version in Di) . The original submitted article is translated to English by Michael Lardelli. Last Monday (April 13) there were two articles in the Financial Times, either of which would […]

Newsweek and “Cheap Oil forever”

April 20, 2009


On April 20 the cover page of Newsweek has a barrel of oil and a text that promises us “Cheap Oil Forever”. As president of ASPO I have written a replay that soon will come on the webpage for ASPO ( If you can read Swedish you have the Swedish version below. Newsweek och “för […]

The IEA April Oil Market Report

April 14, 2009


The International Energy Agency, IEA, has now presented its latest “Oil Market Report”. For oil demand in 2009 they have decreased the estimated requirement to 83.4 million barrels per day (mb/d). That is 2.4 mb/d lower than demand was in 2008. In our publication on production declines in giant fields we have defined the Peak […]

Halifax, Canada; history och resources / Halifax, Kanada; historia och resurser

April 10, 2009


Halifax and Novascotia are Canada’s doorway in the east to the Atlantic. Presumably it is not the first place that one would choose as a tourist destination but once one is there it is an interesting area. After a tour of the museums here one can understand that it is an important place for Canada […]

Halifax, Canada; Energy — the challenge to sustainability

April 7, 2009


On 8 April 2009 at 7pm I will give a public seminar with the title “Energy – the challenge to sustainability” in the Scotiabank auditorium in the McCain Building on Dalhousie’s main campus, Halifax, Canada. The abstract for the seminar: When future energy scenarios are discussed a “Business as Usual” scenario is always included. The […]

Not enough oil for the G20 package / Oljan räcker inte till G20-paketet

April 3, 2009


(On April 4 the Swedish newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning published this article in Swedish (read it in Swedish). Michael Lardelli has translated it to English.) The world’s wealthiest nations, the G20 group, have decided to light a fire but have forgotten a very important detail – to check whether there is sufficient fuel to enable […]