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Tällberg Forum – day one/dag ett

June 26, 2009


When one hears the word “Forum” one commonly thinks of the Davos Forum where the world’s economic future is discussed. The world’s future and future economy is also discussed at the Tällberg Forum, but the focus is not the world’s leading economies rather than the world’s future from the perspective of the common man. Simply, […]

Norwegian oil, Tällberg och Mid-summer / Norsk olja, Tällberg och midsommar

June 18, 2009


The flow of data on the internet is enormous. The trickle that finds its way to my electronic mailbox grows day after day. Most of it is junk mail but there is always something that is relevant and some messages that must be answered. The relevant mail is also growing continuously and will soon reach […]

The Smart 2009 conference in Sydney

June 15, 2009


Six months ago, when I was invited to speak at the Smart 2009 conference, my knowledge of “Just in Time” logistics was fairly limited. Now an entire new window has been opened and I must confess that it is quite fascinating. We do teach something on logistics in our curricula called Energy Systems at Uppsala […]

Canberra and the Senate public hearing

June 15, 2009


Bruce Robinson will write about this, but you can see the official announcement hear.

My visit to Adelaide

June 12, 2009


Kjell thought that I should write about his visit in Adelaide (since I would have to translate it anyway) so I will give a brief summary. Kjell arrived in Adelaide late on the evening of Thursday 5 June after a very, very long flight from Sao Paulo via Sydney. I was able to collect him […]

Ethanol Summit 2009 and Lord Brown

June 12, 2009


For my part, the conference finished with a panel discussion on “Biofuels in a Global Context”. I will give you few glimpses of it. The moderator for the debate was Brazil’s former Minister for Agriculture Roberto Rodrigues who asserted that ethanol production is a method that evidently works and for which a global market now […]

Ethanol Summit – ethanol and oil

June 8, 2009


Tuesday offered a number of sessions. For me the first was “From Oil to Energy” and then, naturally, the session that I participated in “Alternative Fuels and the Future of Oil”. Miguel Rosseto, the president of Petrobras biofuels, noted that the political agenda is to reduce oil consumption so as to save the climate and […]

The Ethanol Summit 2009 and The Economist

June 6, 2009


The Economist was one of the sponsors of the conference and Geoffrey Carr from The Economist had responsibility for organizing a session on “The transport fuel of the future”. The panel consisted of very knowledgeable experts based in the USA but none of them had any connection to the ethanol industry. That was a little […]

The Ethanol Summit 2009, the opening ceremony in Sao Paulo

June 4, 2009


When I was invited to speak at the “Ethanol Summit 2009” there was a little gap in my schedule but the next day I needed to fly from Sao Paulo to Australia. “If that is what is necessary then we will see to it” was the answer from Adhemar Altieri who is one of the […]

Ethanol Summit 2009 and President Clinton

June 3, 2009


The conference’s main attraction was former US president Bill Clinton’s speech. The security associated with his presence was impressive and there was an atmosphere of expectation as we gathered in the lecture theatre. His entry onto the stage reminded me of that of a pop-star and at the beginning of the speech we were told […]

The Trip to Brazil / Resan till Brasilien

June 1, 2009


At 10 PM (Swedish time) an Airbus took off from Munich with Sao Paulo as its destination. I was on that plane. At midnight (Swedish time) an Airbus took off from Rio with Paris as its destination. The flight from Munich was to take 12 hours and the flight from Rio to Paris should have […]