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How reasonable are oil production scenarios from public agencies?

July 25, 2009


When, in their future scenarios, politicians and economists discuss energy they most often refer to the scenarios presented by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Kristofer Jakobsson, Bengt Söderbergh, Mikael Höök and Kjell Aleklett have analysed how reliable these prognoses are in an article that is now accepted for […]

O profeta do fim do petróleo

July 22, 2009


When I was in Brazil in May Leonardo Attuch made an interview with me and wrote an article in Portuguese (link to the article). I’m thankful if someone likes to translate it to English.

We were soldiers

July 20, 2009


Yesterday evening Swedish Channel TV4 showed the film, ”We Were Soldiers” that describes one of the battles that make up what history describes as the “Vietnam War”. The battle took place during three days from the 14th of November 1965 when 450 American soldiers fought against 2000 Vietnamese. After three days the Americans had won […]

A week of vacation

July 16, 2009


From mobile phones to oil / Från mobiltelefoner till olja

July 8, 2009


BP has a new chairman of the board. The chosen is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Eriksson, Carl-Henric Svanberg. There was great surprise in London when it was announced that the head of the mobile phone company Ericsson in Sweden had crossed over into the oil industry but such moves are not unique. It […]

Tällberg Forum 2009

July 2, 2009


The Tällberg Forum for 2009 is over and I must summarise four intensive days, my expectations, what I experienced and how this year’s forum influenced me and my future activities. The Tällberg Forum has been held on a lesser scale for many years. However, 5 years ago the forum grew to become a meeting place […]