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China vacuums the international oil market / Kina dammsuger den internationella oljemarknaden

September 30, 2009


In collaboration with China University of Petroleum in Beijing (CUPB), we (Uppsala Global Energy System Group) have studied China’s giant oilfields and calculated what their production will be in the future. When that scientific study is accepted for publication I will return to its conclusions. Professor Pang from CUPB spoke at the ASPO conference in […]

Our oily food

September 28, 2009


On September 29 a new Swedish magazine is launched, “Power – The Climate Magazine” (Klimatmagasinet Effekt). It deals with climate and sustainability issues. In the first issue I have been asked to write about food and oil (in Swedish) and below is the English translation: Our oily food In one of his first speeches as […]

SVT – Change!: “Stop eating oil” / SVT – Ställ om: ”Sluta äta olja”

September 23, 2009


Last Thursday was occupied by TV Channel SVT and Bodil Appelquist at the Stockholm Trade Fair. We recorded a piece on energy and the environment for SVT’s climate site named “Change!”. Today they have published my piece on food. Those that have read my blog in recent times will not be surprised by the expression […]

Food or biofuel from future agriculture? / Mat eller biobränsle från framtidens jordbruk?

September 21, 2009


The past week was dominated by the conference ”World Bioenergy – Clean Vehicles & Fuels 2009”. The conference was specially commissioned as part of Sweden’s presidency of the EU. King Carl XVI Gustaf opened the conference that brought together 600 delegates from 50 nations and involved 30 sessions with 150 presentations. I had the pleasure […]

Insecure Swedish imports of Danish oil / Osäker svensk import av dansk olja

September 14, 2009


As one of today’s press releases Uppsala University reported on our research study of future oil and gas production. (Here is the press release [in Swedish] and here is the article upon which it is based [in English]) The text of the press release is translated below: Denmark’s production of oil and gas will decline […]

”Hur snart tar oljan slut?”

September 11, 2009


(Just in Swedish as it refer to an article in Swedish) I arbetsförmedlingens tidning ”Du – jobbet” finns en artikel med titeln ”Hur snart tar oljan slut?” (läs artikeln). Det är en bra artikel, men det finns lite felaktiga siffror. Delen med mig är OK. Här är några kommentarer: Peak Oil är ett uttryck som […]

Peak Oil is not a theory; Peak Oil is the reality of past and future oil production

September 9, 2009


On August 24, 2009, New York Times published an Op-Ed contribution by Michael Lynch with the title: ‘Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy. As president of ASPO International, I have written an answer that NYT decided not to accept. ASPO International has now published this contribution. (Go to ASPO Internationa if you like to […]

Invester Growth Conference 2009

September 9, 2009


Yesterday autumn’s various presentations began with a lecture at the “Investor Growth Conference 2009” at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. In February I was invited to the Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland that had organized a symposium in Zurich. Jacob Wallenberg was also invited (see the blog on the event). Immediately after my […]

Foreign Policy and “Oil -the Long Goodby”

September 8, 2009


The news journal Foreign Policy is based in Washington and is published fortnightly. The latest issue has the theme ”Oil – The Long Goodby”. The leading article is written by the legendary author of the book “The Prize”, Daniel Yergin. He notes that oil will continue to determine the world’s future but he holds no […]

Granskat och Peak Oil

September 3, 2009


(only Swedish) Granskat är program på svenska i Finland som går på djupet i små och stora samhällsfrågor. Den 28 augusti sände man ett program om den sinande oljan och en av de man intervjuade var undertecknad. Här är länken till sidan där programmet finns. (Det tar lång tid innan det börjar, flera minuter innan […]

Termisk energiteknik

September 2, 2009


Energy Systems Civil Engineering – ES3, 2009 An important part of my working day as a professor is to teach in energy systems civil engineering at Uppsala University. Currently it is the most sought after variety of engineering education. The term/semester has now begun and for the next 8 weeks there will be a lot […]