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More ”Peak of the Oil Age” and The Guardian; Peak oil: the summit that dominates the horizon

November 29, 2009


The debate on “Peak Oil” continues today with full force in The Guardian. Today’s article is, once again, written by the newspaper’s energy editor Terry Macalister and is titled, Peak oil: Peak oil: the summit that dominates the horizon . Among other things, Mr Macalister discusses the difficulties that the international oil companies have with […]

Future carbon dioxide emissions in China / Kinas framtida koldioxidutsläpp

November 24, 2009


The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen will be at the top of the agenda when a delegation from the EU, led by Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt meets with Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Wen Jiaboa in Nanjing on Monday. The Global Energy Systems group at Uppsala University […]

Energy Forum in Budapest

November 17, 2009


(Below in English my opening speech to the session: “On the Way to European Energy Security: What to Expect from the European Union?” and the text in Swedish) The Energy Forum in Budapest was organized by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies in Warsaw, Poland and the Constellation Energy Institute in Budapest, Hungary. The fact […]

The Struggle Against Climate Change May Cause Starvation

November 15, 2009


(A Swedish version of this article is published in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, November 15, 2009. The translation to English was made by Michael Lardelli) At about the same time as the climate meeting is being held in Copenhagen, the world’s population will pass 6.8 billion. We are now immensely more numerous than we […]

Sweden’s representative at the IEA confirms problems with the IEA outlook / Sveriges representant i IEA bekräftar problem med IEA prognoser

November 14, 2009


In today’s Uppsala Nya Tidning [the main newspaper for the area around Uppsala in Sweden, ML] there is an article with the headline “International Support for Aleklett’s Oil Prognoses”. The article refers to the events of recent days and Johan Heimer has also followed up on this by interviewing Urban Bäckström from the Energy Authority. […]

“Peak of the Oil Age” and media

November 13, 2009


Our research at Global Energy Systems has two aspects. The primary one is to conduct research that is then published in scientific articles (publications). This work, that is mostly done by Ph.D. students and undergraduate students, also results in the production of theses (examples of master theses). The second aspect is that we hope that […]

Pressinformation från Uppsala universitet: Seminarium om oljan, framtiden och klimatet

November 11, 2009


Seminarium om oljan, framtiden och klimatet (pressinformation) [Publicerad 2009-11-11] De senaste dagarna har klimatfrågan uppmärksammats sedan IEA:s prognoser för framtida produktion av olja, naturgas och kol ifrågasatts i brittisk media. Professor Kjell Aleklett leder en forskargrupp i globala energisystem vid Uppsala universitet och har studier som bekräftar uppgifterna. Imorgon, torsdag, håller han ett seminarium som […]

Comments on “Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower”, The Guardian

November 10, 2009


I am not surprised that some within the IEA have leaked this news. Rather, it is astonishing that this has not become known earlier. (See the article in the Guardian: Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower.) The article ”The Peak and Decline of World Oil and Gas Production” was published as […]

The Peak of the Oil Age – The Uppsala World Energy Outlook

November 9, 2009


I have sent the following message to our Energy Minister via the [Swedish] Parliament’s registrar: Dear Energy Minister Maud Olofsson, For the past 6 years the Global Energy Systems research group at Uppsala University,, has conducted research on fossil fuel reserves and future production from these. In a number of scientific publications we have […]

The visit to Sweden’s Parliament / Besöket i Sveriges riksdag

November 6, 2009


The invitation to the symposium in parliament on 4 November had been extended to members of parliament and others working in the parliament building. The symposium was an initiative of the Moderates [a “conservative” political party in Sweden that would, nevertheless, be regarded as left-of-centre relative to politics in most English-speaking nations, ML]. The meeting […]

The Climate Question at DN-debate and UNT-debate [Swedish newspaper debate columns] / Klimatfrågan på DN-debatt och UNT-debatt

November 3, 2009


In today’s Dagens Nyheter [DN, Sweden’s largest circulation daily newspaper] Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has written on the climate question and in Uppsala Nya Tidning [UNT, Uppsala’s daily newspaper] the text from my previous blog entry has been published. Now we can compare both texts. To start with we discussed the EU’s decision on the […]

The EU’s climate change offer to the USA and a railway around the coast of Africa

November 2, 2009


Until 1 January 2010 Sweden holds the presidency of the EU. This means that Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is head of the EU-delegation that today travels to the USA for a summit on climate between the EU and the USA on Wednesday. Reinfeldt will meet president Obama today and can then present the offer […]