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Energy 2050

December 29, 2009


Now when is time to do the final accounting for 2009 there is reason to think back over the year’s activities and to see if there is anything I should have included in my blog. My thoughts go back to 18-19 October and the Energy 2050 conference organized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. […]

The Peak Oil Year 2009

December 28, 2009


We stand at the doorway to a new year but also to a new decade and it is time to make a short summary. At the start of the 21st century Peak Oil was not an issue. During the 1990s the oil price fluctuated around $20 per barrel and that the price would increase was […]

Merry “Peak Oil” Christmas

December 22, 2009


  It is very important to have good colleagues when one leads a research group and Global Energy Systems at Uppsala University is no exception. This photograph was taken when we gathered after summer. In the front row to the left of me is Professor Larry Hughes from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Larry came in […]

Climate negotiations in Copenhagen and “Master Tailor” / Klimatförhandlingarna i Köpenhamn och ”Mäster Skräddare”

December 19, 2009


“There once was a little man who went to the tailor with a piece of cloth -Good day, good day, master tailor, said he and bowed. -Good day, good day, said the tailor where he sat at the table and sewed with crossed legs. -Can I get a little coat sewn of this here little […]

DN Debattartikeln och medierna

December 18, 2009


(Only in Swedish) Det var intressant att DN valde att publicera min debattartikel samma dag som klimatmötet i Köpenhamn började. Med spänning väntade jag på hur övriga media skulle reagera. Först ut var TV4 som nämnde debattartikeln som andra nyhet på morgonen. Senare på förmiddagen ringde man och ville att jag skulle vara med nästa […]

Oil auction in Iraq and climate change negotiations in Copenhagen / Oljeauktion i Irak och klimatförhandlingar i Köpenhamn

December 18, 2009


During the ongoing climate negotiations in Copenhagen one of the world’s most remarkable sales has taken place – the auctioning of the rights to produce oil from the world’s last remaining giant onshore oil fields. In total 15 giant oil fields in Iraq have been involved. The reserves in Iraq are stated to be 115 […]

How will we save the rainforest? / Hur skall vi rädda regnskogen?

December 14, 2009


Last summer I met Mattias Klum (Sweden’s world famous photographer for National Geographic) when we both attended the Tällberg Forum. We discussed problems concerning global energy systems and Mattias hoped that we could meet during autumn to continue the discussion. Three weeks ago we met once again in Uppsala. During that meeting we realized that […]

”The UN’s future scenarios for climate are pure fantasy” / ”FN:s framtidsscenarier för klimatet är rena fantasier”

December 7, 2009


(Swedish below) Today, DN (Dagens Nyheter – Sweden’s leading newspaper) published a contribution by me in their ”DN-Debate” column regarding the emission scenarios that the IPCC recommends climate researchers use when calculating future temperature increases. In climate research literature one often sees discussion of the scenario families A1, A2, B1 and B2 and in various […]

Financial Times and “Peak of the Oil Age”

December 6, 2009


During the past week Financial Times had an article under “Understanding Energy Policy” with the headline “The burning issue”. Under the subtitle “Reaching a peak: Debate over oil supplies rages on” they discuss our paper “The peak of the Oil Age” and made the following comment: “What many of its critics miss, however, is that […]

Science Radio and Peak Oil / Vetenskapsradion och Peak Oil

December 3, 2009


(Swedish below) One week ago we were visited by Malin Olofsson from the Swedish Science Radio. She was planning a program on Peak Oil. I was glad to see that she took the time to investigate the problems around Peak Oil. So far this year we have had 10 papers accepted for publication so there […]

The Dubai Crisis and Peak Oil / Dubaikrisen och Peak Oil

December 1, 2009


One year ago I was preparing the article ”Aviation fuel and future oil production scenarios”, (now published in Energy Policy) och i in November 2008 I was invited by IATA to Shanghai to a conference on the future of aviation fuel. In my presentation I discussed tourist aviation in the future and I mentioned that […]