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English translation of “The OPEC bulletin and focus on Angola”

January 31, 2010


Michael Lardelli has once again made a very good translation. The translation of the blog: The OPEC bulletin and focus on Angola

Future Production of SAAB – Peak Oil and Peak Car

January 29, 2010


For the past few days the main news in Sweden has been GM’s sale of SAAB to the Dutch sports car company Spyker Cars. A historically interesting fact is that both SAAB and Spyker are both offshoots from the early days of the aviation industry. At the moment everyone is very happy and pleased but […]

The OPEC bulletin and focus on Angola

January 28, 2010


A magazine that regularly falls into ASPO’s letterbox is “OPEC Bulletin”. According to their advertising a yearly subscription costs $70, but the fact that it comes to ASPO without a subscription shows that OPEC has prioritized ASPO in its address list. The latest issue, number 9 for 2009, has focused on Angola. But before I […]

Peak oil and the Human Well Being Equation / Peak Oil och den globala välfärdsekvationen – Mat, klimat, ekonomi och fred på jorden

January 26, 2010


The trip from the university town Uppsala to the university town Lund was by train through a Sweden hit by the year’s worst snow storm. For many days the weather man has encouraged people to stay at home but I trusted that the train would manage the journey and it did so without problems. Once […]

Mexico and Peak Oil

January 25, 2010


When I saw this graph (link below) of crude oil production in Mexico it struck me that the timeframe shown – 2001 to 2009 – is identical with period that ASPO (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas) has been active. In January 2001 Colin Campbell wrote his first newsletter for ASPO […]

Has “Aleklett’s Energy Mix” any impact?

January 24, 2010


Occasionally when I write a blog, I wonder how meaningful it really is. For me personally it is very important because I know that my blog has at least 1,500 visits every week. Peak visits per week is 5152. Today I discovered a website where you can explore the impact a blog in Sweden has, […]

“Cheap Oil is Gone, and That’s Good News”

January 22, 2010


Now and then I search for footprints of our research on the web. I just discovered that our conclusions in the article “Peak of the oil age” in the journal Energy Policy have now found their way up to the financial market, which according to the article “Cheap Oil is Gone, and That’s Good News” […]

US raises concern over China oil policy

January 21, 2010


The headline is taken from an article in with the subheading, “The US has expressed concern to Chinese officials about Beijing’s attempts to buy up global oil reserves for the long term”. Reading further: “We are pursuing intensive dialogue with the Chinese on the subject of energy security, in which we have raised our […]

From Systems Thinking to Systems Doing

January 20, 2010


The Tällberg Foundation usually has its forum during summer but it also organizes a number of symposia at other times during the year. Yesterday they arranged a symposium with the theme ”From systems thinking to systems doing”. With global energy systems as my research area it was only natural that I should participate. The main […]

North Stream and European Energy Security

January 18, 2010


Under the headline “Contended gas pipeline” the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet describes all the preparations that are being made before starting construction of the North Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany. In the text it states that the pipeline will be 1223 km long while the image in the article erroneously states 850 km. The […]

The natural gas market and agent-based modeling

January 15, 2010


The EU’s natural gas supply and how the market for natural gas will develop are at the top of the EU’s agenda. It was last winter’s “gas war” between Russia and Ukraine that put the spotlight on the problems that exist. What matters to the EU’s residents are future gas prices and whether there will […]

Aviation industry in the balance

January 13, 2010


(Swedish below) Rising fuel prices and fewer passengers are forcing the world’s leading airlines to restructure their businesses. At the moment it is Japan Airlines that is at risk. A restructuring plan shows that 12,600 employees, equivalent to 30% of the personnel, must be retrenched and the risk is great that the company will be […]