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Modeling Oil Exploration and Production: Resource-Constrained and Agent-Based Approaches

May 31, 2010


On Thursday last week my PhD student Kristofer Jakobsson defended his licentiate thesis, half way to the PhD thesis. The summary is given below and the full thesis you can download from our webpage. (To Global Energy Systems for download). The opponent was Robert Hart, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agriculture. His final comment […]

The Stockholm Seminars – At the intersection of climate and energy security

May 21, 2010


“The Stockholm Seminars” are organized by the “Stockholm Resilience Centre” that has the following research profile: “Research for Governance of Social-Ecological Systems”. They state that the Seminars have as a focus “the dynamics and stewardship of social-ecological systems”. I confess that it can sound a little involved, but that’s the way it can be if […]

ASPO Germany annual meeting in Berlin

May 21, 2010


(It is now six years since ASPO had its third conference in Berlin and it was very nice to be back again. At that time ASPO was a European NGO with 30 members. Today we are an international organization with 30 member nations. ASPO Germany is one of these national organizations. On 18 May it […]

Agriculture as provider of both food and fuel

May 19, 2010


(Swedish in another blog) The road from project idea to scientific publication is normally a process that takes at least one year and often longer. In the spring of 2008 food prices rose markedly around the world. Production of ethanol for vehicle fuel was pointed out as one of the causes. My colleague Simon Snowden […]

Agriculture as provider of both food and fuel (Swedish)

May 16, 2010


Vägen från projektide till vetenskaplig publikation är normalt en process som minst tar ett år och vanligen längre. Våren 2008 ökade matpriserna runt om i världen markant och som en av bovarna pekade man ut produktionen av etanol för fordons bränsle. Min kollega Simon Snowden från Liverpool Management School hade just visat att 60% av […]

”Vi måste ha energi till att överleva”

May 15, 2010


Den 7 december började COP15 i Köpenhamn och samma dag publicerade DN Debatt mitt inlägg ”FN:s framtidsscenarier för klimatet är rena fantasier”. Som debattör får man själv inte välja titel utan den är DN:s val. Nästa dag var jag på morgonen inbjuden till TV4 nyheterna för att diskutera debattartikeln och samtidigt ställde man några frågor […]

How long will the coal last?

May 14, 2010


(Swedish in a separat blog) “The Globe” is a program broadcast by Sweden’s Radio P1 on Wednesdays at 1:20 PM and repeated on Thursdays at 7:30 PM and Friday morning at 1:03AM. This week’s broadcast concerned South Africa’s investment in coal-fired electricity generation, and this is the summary by Margareta Svensson in Johannesburg: (You can […]

Hur länge räcker kolet?

May 14, 2010


Klotet är ett program som sänds i Sveriges Radio i P1 onsdagar kl 13.20, med repris torsdagar kl 19.03 och natt mot fredag kl 01.03. Du kan också lyssna till programmen direkt från Klotets hemsida. I veckans sändning handlade ett av inslagen om Sydafrikas satsning på kolkraft och ni kan lyssna till inslaget eller läsa […]

“Climategate” and the polar bears – Engelsberg – section “history and knowledge”

May 14, 2010


(The section “Belief and knowledge in the climate question” will come later) When I received the invitation to participate in the symposium “Climategate and the threat to the polar bears” the program showed that there would be an introduction section where history and science in general would be discussed before it was time for “belief […]

”Climategate” och isbjörnarna – Engelsberg – avdelningen ”historia och vetenskap”

May 11, 2010


(delen ”Tro och vetande i klimatfrågan kommer senare”) Då jag fick inbjudan att vara med på seminariet ”Climategate och hotet mot isbjörnarna” visade programmet att det fanns en inledande avdelning där historia och vetenskap i allmänhet skulle diskuteras innan det blev dags för ”tro och vetande i klimatfrågan”. Debatten om seminariet på Engelsbergs bruk är […]

Two years as a blogger / Två år som bloggare

May 6, 2010


In the beginning of May 2008 I began my blog “Aleklett’s Energy Mix”. I hoped that some would read it, but at the same time I was worried that it would not be interesting. As I write this the blog has had 198,883 visits and during the day the total will pass 180,000. That means […]

Environment minister Andreas Carlgren meets energy representatives in Uppsala / Miljöminister Andreas Carlgren träffa energirepresentanter i Uppsala

May 5, 2010


According to the email I received, two weeks ago Uppland county’s new governor Peter Egardt received a communication from the Environment minister Andreas Carlgren “expressing a desire to organize a meeting with important persons of the county in the area of climate and energy”. The invitees included representatives of the county administrative board, the communes, […]