The Stockholm Seminars – At the intersection of climate and energy security

Posted on May 21, 2010


The Stockholm Seminars” are organized by the “Stockholm Resilience Centre” that has the following research profile: “Research for Governance of Social-Ecological Systems”. They state that the Seminars have as a focus “the dynamics and stewardship of social-ecological systems”. I confess that it can sound a little involved, but that’s the way it can be if one summarises the advertisement for the next Stockholm seminar: (information about the seminar):

At the intersection of climate and energy security – scenarios of fundamental global challenges

Wednesday June 9, 2010, 09.30-12.00 The Beijer Hall, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Lilla Frescativägen 4, Stockholm

Summary: The world as we have known it is changing. The fossil fuels that have predicated the matchless expansion of the 20th century show difficulties in keeping up with increasing demand. At the same time continued use of remaining fossil deposits risks pushing the world towards catastrophic climate changes. Each of these fundamental issues – energy and climate – constitutes formidable security challenges for the global society. But the combination of the two may have consequences far beyond our imagination.

The purpose of this seminar is to explore how a combination of energy- and climate securities scenarios could be used to better understand the fundamental challenges that the world is facing, in order for us to be better prepared for a pallet of possible global and regional changes in the coming decades.

The seminar is arranged in cooperation with the Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, and the Global Energy Systems Group, Uppsala University.


09:30 Welcome and introduction to four scenarios created from the uncertainties of peak fossil and climate change. Moderator: Karl Halling, SEI

09:45 Peak fossil: Energy and the global welfare equation
Kjell Aleklett, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Global Energy Systems Group, Uppsala University.

10:05 Climate Change: Consequences and uncertainties
Johan Rockström, Professor and Director, Stockholm Environment Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

10:25 What new insights and questions rise from an integrated analysis?
Cross-cutting reflections from Kjell Aleklett and Johan Rockström

10:45 Break

11:15 Commentaries:
Agnes von Gersdorff, Swedish vice-chief negotiator on climate
Henrietta Palmer, Professor of architecture, Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm
Kerstin Nibleus, Chairman Stockholm Environment Institute
Anders Wijkman, Tällberg Foundation

11:35 Open discussion

11:55 Closing remarks, Karl Hallding

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