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Large oil find in the North sea / Stort oljefynd i Nordsjön

June 29, 2010


(Swedish below) Under the headline “Large Oil Find in the North Sea” Dagens Nyheter [Sweden’s largest broadsheet newspaper] describes the largest discovery that has been made in the United Kingdom since 2001 (read a similar article from the BBC). They estimate that the field contains 300 million barrels of oil. Compared with the 30,000 million […]

Questions and answers about Hayward and Svanberg / Frågor och svar om Hayward och Svanberg

June 24, 2010


(Swedish below) During a car trip from Trondheim in Norway to Östersund in Sweden a journalist from Aftonbladet [a Swedish tabloid newspaper] Erika Rydberg rang at 1.30 PM and asked me if I had heard that BP’s CEO Tony Hayward had been sacked. I had not listened to any news so this was naturally a […]

”Home run” for Uppsala Global Energy Systems – Deepwater Horizon discussion, the Norwegian gas bubble and an International Lecture Award

June 18, 2010


Global Energy Systems at Uppsala University hit a home run on Thursday June 17. It began at 7.15 am when Mikael Höök represented the group on SVT TV’s “Good Morning Program”. They discussed the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, how frequently similar accidents happen, why they are forced to drill at these astonishing depths, […]

Future scenarios for ”Climate Change and Peak Fossil”

June 11, 2010


Before the symposium ”Climate Change and Peak Fossil” at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Karl Hallding presented his future scenarios as ”concept notes”, “Scenarios are used to expand the understanding of possible future developments beyond what can be achieved by conventional future projections. As such, scenarios provide powerful capabilities for analyzing and debating the […]

“Unique research meeting on the radio program The Globe. Climate and dwindling oil” / ”Unikt forskarmöte i Klotet. Klimat och sinande olja.”

June 10, 2010


Johan Rockström, Marie-Louise Kristola, Karl Hallding, Kjell Aleklett and Henrietta Palmer after The Globe’s broadcast from SEI. Yesterday there was a symposium on Climate and Peak Oil at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences where Professor Johan Rockström presented the current situation in climate research and I discussed Peak Oil and the importance of energy […]

The 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World (4)

June 8, 2010


Now we have come to Friday and Day 3. The main speaker of the day was Maud Olofsson, the deputy prime minister, minister for industry and minister for energy. The introductory words in her speech were crisis, crisis and crisis and then she asserted that the world’s two greatest crises are the climate crisis and […]

Scenarios of fundamental global challenges

June 8, 2010


Welcome to a Stockholm seminar with Kjell Aleklett, Karl Hallding and Johan Rockström Time: Wednesday June 9, 2010, 09.30-12.00 Place: The Beijer Hall, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Lilla Frescativägen 4, Stockholm The world as we have known it is changing. The fossil fuels that have predicated the matchless expansion of the 20th century […]

The 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World (3)

June 7, 2010


For me, day 2 of The 5th Global YES Summit followed the energy line. The morning offered three sessions under the following headings (Video on demand): 1. The context: What world to rework? 2. The openings: Where are the opportunities?
 3. Realities on the ground: Global pressures, local conflicts Every session was interesting and, in […]

The 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World (2)

June 5, 2010


The train journey up to Leksand became, in a real way, the beginning of the conference. By chance, I wound up sitting next to representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs that is one of the main sponsors of “The 5th Global YES Summit”. YES stands for “Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. When I looked around […]

The 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World (part 1)

June 2, 2010


More than 1500 people have confirmed that they will attend ”The 5th Global YES Summit – Rework the World” i Leksand (go to YES). Entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, opinion markers and, not least, ambitious young people will gather from over 110 nations. The meeting’s focus is to create socially and environmentally sustainable employment opportunities. In […]