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Many questions hanging over the oil industry / Oljeindustri med många frågetecken

July 31, 2010


Linda Flood from Veckans Affärer [“The Week’s Business”, a Swedish newspaper] has contacted me twice during the summer to discuss BP and the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. We have discussed further how the oil companies handle the technology for drilling in deep water and, most importantly, if they have developed technology to cope […]

Tony Hayward resigns as CEO for BP / Tony Hayward avgår som VD för BP

July 28, 2010


The decision of Tony Hayward to step down from his position as CEO of BP was expected but he will not leave immediately. That will occur on 1 October and he will remain with the company as a director on the board of the Russian joint venture TNK-BP. Of course it must feel bitter to […]

China is the world’s largest energy consumer

July 26, 2010


With approximately 5% of the world’s population the USA has been the world’s largest consumer of energy. As late as the year 2000 they used twice as much energy as China that has around 23% of the world’s population. Now that the International Energy Agency, IEA, has collected the figures for 2009 they find that […]

North Stream and the island of Gotland

July 20, 2010


Export of natural gas from Russia to the EU is decisive for the EU’s energy security and a decisive link for the future is the gas pipeline North Stream that will be laid along the bed of the Baltic Sea from a landfall in Vyborg outside St Petersburg to Lybmin in Germany. ( Read about […]

A week without a blog

July 14, 2010


Three days in Almedalen / Tre dagar i Almedalen

July 7, 2010


Almedalen is a park area beside the harbour in Visby [on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea]. For the past 30 years a politicians’ week has been organized there at the beginning of July where every party in the national parliament can, during one day, organize its own activities to express the […]

Almedalen: Ut med fossil energi och in med fossilfritt – lyssna på debatten

July 6, 2010


Nu finns debatten tillgänglig på webben, men det dröjer ca 1 minut innan den börjar. Lyssna och kommentera. (Bloggen om debatten)

Oil in the veins of sub-Saharan Africa

July 3, 2010


“Oil in the veins of sub-Saharan Africa” is an article that just have been published in the Magazine New Rouotes by my PhD student Kristofer Jakobsson and myself. Abstract: Soaring world oil prices strike hard on everyday life in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and further hamper the well-needed economic growth that could be a way […]

Almedalen: Ut med fossil energi och in med fossilfritt

July 1, 2010


(Just in Swedish) Almedalen: 5 juli 2010 klockan 15:30 – 18:00 Typ av arrangemang:Debatt Ämnesområde:Energi Plats:Högskolan på Gotland, Cramérgatan 3 Platsbeskrivning:Sal B51 (Läs i programmet) Beskrivning ”Systemskifte inom energiförsörjningen” är Kungl. Vetenskapsakademiens energiutskott studier av Svensk energiförsörjning. Globala energisystem, Uppsala universitet har gjort rapporten ”Är Svensk energi säker?”. Inledningsvis presenteras rapporterna.Vi tror att åsikter från […]

Almedalen: Forskning för systemskifte inom energiförsörjningen

July 1, 2010


(just in Swedish) Almedalen: 5 juli 2010 klockan 09:00 – 12:00 Typ av arrangemang:Seminarium, Ämnesområde:Energi Plats:Högskolan på Gotland, Cramérgatan 3 Platsbeskrivning:sal B51 (Läs i programmet) Beskrivning Energiforskning är prioriterad vid Högskolan på Gotland och Uppsala universitet. Berörda forskare deltar i nationella och internationella strategiska forskningsprogram. Sveriges och EU:s framtida energiförsörjning och energiförsörjningens miljökonsekvenser är en […]