Oil in the veins of sub-Saharan Africa

Posted on July 3, 2010


“Oil in the veins of sub-Saharan Africa” is an article that just have been published in the Magazine New Rouotes by my PhD student Kristofer Jakobsson and myself.

Soaring world oil prices strike hard on everyday life in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and further hamper the well-needed economic growth that could be a way out of poverty and underdevelopment. Nowhere else in the world does oil have a more dominant role as a commercial energy form. In order to promote economic growth, oil seems to be the most useful means for energy supply as of today.

Read the article in New Routes, 2010, Issue 2, Pages 21-24

In the magazine you also can find other interesting articles about diamonds, minerals and oil in Africa.
Read al the articles in New Routes, 2010, Issue 2

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