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Cost Assessment of Sustainable Energy Systems

September 21, 2010


What are the costs and environmental impact of nuclear energy? The answer differs depending on who gives it. Does any research exist that is free from vested interests? According to many experts, the report “Cost Assessment of Sustainable Energy Systems” that has been produced as part of the EU’s 6th Framework Program is such a […]

Valet i Sverige och Peak Oil / The election in Sweden and Peak Oil

September 20, 2010


(English below) De närmaste veckorna kommer valet i Sverige att analyserats nationellt och internationellt. Den humanistiska analysen kommer att koncentrera sig på det faktum att Sverige liksom många andra länder i Europa nu har ett främlingsfientligt parti i riksdagen. Vi alla från höger till vänster som har en annan humanistisk åsikt är naturligtvis förtvivlade och […]


September 16, 2010


For the past three years the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm has had a Master degree program that focuses on resources. The theme in the first year was “Beyond Oil – Shanghai“. The course began with a lecture on Peak Oil and the scheme was the same last year and the year before when […]

Coal and Oil: The Dark Monarchs of Global Energy: Understanding Supply and Extraction Patterns and their Importance for Future Production

September 7, 2010


My student Mikael Höök has now made his thesis public by using a nail and hammer and this ”nailing” is an old tradition at Uppsala University, Sweden. The thesis “Coal and Oil: The Dark Monarchs of Global Energy: Understanding Supply and Extraction Patterns and their Importance for Future Production” can be downloaded from Uppsala University […]

Military Study Warns of a Potentially Drastic Oil Crisis

September 2, 2010


Ten days ago there was an article in the Guardian where they wrote that Peak Oil has been on the government’s agenda although it does not want to discuss it. Yesterday an article was published in Spiegel Online International where they assert that the Ge rman government also has Peak Oil on its agenda, Military […]

Hubbert’s Peak, The Coal Question, and Climate Change

September 1, 2010


Professor David Rutledge from Caltech, USA, will on September 2 give the following seminar: Hubbert’s Peak, The Coal Question, and Climate Change When: September 2, time: 14:00, where: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala universitet, room 80127 Abstract: An accurate estimate of the long-term production of oil, gas, and coal would be helpful for the ongoing policy discussion on […]