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Sofia Arkelsten, Shell och resan till Frankrike

October 30, 2010


(This is mostly of interest for Swedes) I debatten runt Sofia Arkelstens ”bjudresa” av Shell har Peak Oil nämnts. Den 13 juli är hon i London på en miljökonferens och i ett inlägg skriver hon: “James Smith boss för Shell talar sen. Lite oväntat måste jag ändå säga. – Jag håller med Jim, säger han. […]

Australia October 2010: Days in Sydney – report nr 1

October 29, 2010


It is wonderful to be invited to Australia and to travel from east to west on a sales campaign for Peak Oil and our research. I will visit a number of universities, meet industry representatives, make recordings for radio and TV, have meetings with politicians and authorities at state level and also discuss Peak Oil […]

On the way to Australia / På väg till Australien

October 26, 2010


Monday 7:00 AM: I’m one of six people in row 33 and one of the ~300 in the aircraft that takes off from Arlanda. Our destination is Frankfurt. This is the first leg of three on the way to Australia. The flight time is a little over two hours. By coincidence I am seated next […]

Peeking at Peak Oil

October 23, 2010


My blog has been silent for the last two weeks and that is because I have had much too much to do. During this time two courses at Uppsala University have concluded and there has also been an incredible amount to do before my trip to Australia this Monday. I will write more about the […]

Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol: The Langdon Escape from the Library of Congress

October 7, 2010


“The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown is one of the books that I read last summer. The story plays out in Washington and one of the dramatic scenes is when the lead character, Robert Langdon, escapes his pursuers by lying down on a conveyor belt that is used to transport boxes of books between the […]

Has Texas passed the Peak?

October 5, 2010


(Swedish below) I have already described my arrival in Houston and it is now time to summarise two days in the heart of the oil state Texas. My conviction that one cannot survive here without a car has been strengthened. While driving around I discovered that, certainly, there is a tram line that runs from […]

Matt Simmons remembered in Houston

October 5, 2010


About 400 people came to the Museum of Fine Arts to honour the memory of Matt Simmons. Despite the tragic fact that Matt is no longer with us it was a bright celebration. Since the remembrance has already been described on the internet, “Matt Simmons remembered at MFAH event”, I will describe some personal memories. […]

Matt’s hometown Houston

October 4, 2010


Normally I think it is interesting and exciting to travel to different places for conferences and presentations. But it is with a heavy heart that I make today’s journey to Houston. Tomorrow there will be a silent remembrance for Matt Simmons and it is still difficult to accept that Matt will not be with us […]