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Norway’s Gas Future

January 21, 2011


In early December I received an invitation from the Financial Times to a discussion dinner at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. They wanted to discuss “Norway’s Gas Future”. The reasons given for them taking up this topic were: “There is much debate however over the growth potential of Norwegian gas output. One study, from Uppsala […]

“The end of cheap oil” – The Globe / ”Slut på billig olja” – Klotet

January 20, 2011


Dear Reader of my blog, It has been silent here a while, a suitably long respite after the 10 intensive weeks in Australia. But now it is time to start discussing peak oil again. The theme for today’s edition of the science news radio program, The Globe, was, “The end of cheap oil”. Here is […]

Brisbane under water

January 11, 2011


A month ago I stayed in Brisbane. Today I got the following unbelievable report from my friend Wally Wight: Kjell, It is very, very wet. Up until today, Brisbane has been relatively unscathed, but we have had as much as 110mm in a day and some deluges of 20mm in 10 minutes. Today, I went […]

Happy New Peak Oil Year

January 2, 2011


I just like to say Happy New Year and thank you for reading my blog. A final report from Australia will come within some days.