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The Chamber of Commerce Newspaper – “Soon the oil will run out”: Volvo AB supports peak oil research / Handelskammartidningen – ”Snart sinar oljan”: Volvo AB stödjer Peak Oil forskningen

March 25, 2011


Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce publishes a magazine named, “Handelskammartidningen” and it can easily be read on the internet. This year’s first issue is now available and on page 36 is an article with the title, “Soon the oil will run out”. Last autumn the article’s author, Per Widman, was in Uppsala to interview me. However, […]

Obama’s speech on energy

March 19, 2011


If we look back in time, we find that all the presidents in the United States since Nixon’s time will sooner or later make a statement which indicates that the U.S. must become less dependent on imports of energy and especially oil. On March 11 it was time for Obama to make his statement on […]

“The oil of the Arctic is not worth the risks”

March 15, 2011


(K. Aleklett: The newspaper Sydsvenskan, Sweden, published this debate article on March 13 under, “Current Issues”. In May, Sweden will take over chairmanship of the Arctic Council for the period 2011-2014. Drilling for oil and natural gas will be an important issue during this period. The article is an attempt to highlight the issue to […]

“Arktis olja är inte värd riskerna”

March 14, 2011


Sydsvenskan publicerade denna debattartikel den 13 mars under “Aktuella frågor”. “Arktis olja är inte värd riskerna” Oljebolagen hävdar att det är nödvändigt att borra efter olja på djupt vatten, bland annat i Arktis. Men de oljereserver det totalt handlar om är inte större än att motsvarande mängd enkelt skulle kunna sparas in, skriver Kjell Aleklett, […]

The IEA’s journey towards reality and peak oil / IEA:s resa mot verkligheten och Peak Oil

March 9, 2011


Yesterday there was reason for me to summarise the various prognoses on future oil production that the International Energy Agency (IEA) has made every year in its World Energy Outlook (WEO) reports. IN WEO2000 that was published in November 2000 they estimated that production in 2010 would be 95.8 million barrels per day (Mb/d) and […]

Oil security and peak oil / Oljesäkerhet och Peak Oil

March 7, 2011


“Wonderful but Dangerous” is the headline of the lead editorial in today’s Sydsvenskan [“Southern Swede”, a newspaper] and they declare that it is necessary to minimize the risks involved in oil production and oil transport. The reason for the editorial is that today BP’s chairperson Carl-Henric Svanberg is visiting Malmö to participate in a conference […]

Jack 2 and Wall Street Journal

March 5, 2011


Dear readers of my blog. I’m just now working on my book ”Peeking at Peak Oil” that Springer will publish in November and I’m looking for an article that I cannot find on the web. On September 5, Chevron was announcing the discovery of Jack 2 and the next day NYT has an article that […]

Gaddafi’s rehabilitation with the West and Libya’s current oil production / Gaddafis väg in i finrummet och dagens oljeproduktion i Libyen

March 1, 2011


Libya’s time of greatness as an oil-producing nation was around 1970 when they had their maximum production of over 3 million barrels per day (Mb/d). This then declined to a stable production of 2 Mb/d until 1980. During the 1980s their production sank for a few years to just above 1 Mb/d. It was clear […]