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The era of cheap oil is over and will never come back

May 25, 2011


This morning on the radio show “Nine to Noon” in New Zealand, Carherine Walbridge interviewed Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency. He said “The era of cheap oil is over and will never come back”. Then he made a very strange statement when he claimed that the IEA was the first to […]

The Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability

May 18, 2011


Yesterday Wednesday I was invited to participate in the “Nobel Laureate Choral Concert” in Eric Ericsson hall, Skeppsholmen. The Event was part of the ”Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability” that has been held in Stockholm over a period of three days. Today the participating Nobel prizewinners signed a document called ”The Stockholm Memorandum – […]

The sun, Rossi’s ”energy catalyzer” and the “neutron barometer”

May 16, 2011


One hundred years ago the sun’s source of energy was a complete mystery. The famous professor Svante Arrhenius is said to have asserted that the sun’s energy output could not be due to combustion and that there was no other explanation. Today our knowledge of physics allows us to explain why the sun can radiate […]

Peak Oil in the European Parliament

May 6, 2011


On Tuesday 3 May The Greens and the European Free Alliancce arranged a Peak Oil seminar in the EU Parliament entitled: Peak oil -weaning Europe off its oil addiction. Part I: Peak oil and peak oil evidence Activities in Different EU Member States Summary of the Peak Oil situation Kjell Aleklett, President of ASPO International […]

Three years as a blogger / Tre år som bloggare

May 5, 2011


This May it is three years since I began my blog. It was with considerable doubt that I wrote my first piece, “With some uncertainty I have decided to take the step into the world of blogging. The questions I ask myself are whether anyone cares about my views, whether anyone will read my blog […]

9th Annual ASPO Conference – Presentations

May 4, 2011


Tyvärr räcker inte tiden till för att göra ett utförligt referat från dag 2 och dag 3 på ASPO-9, men det finns nu en möjlighet för er alla att lyssna till alla föreläsningarna på konferensen om ni går till sidan för presentationer (till sidan för presentationer). Eventuellt måste ni installera ett program, men det är […]