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Return to the Master Colin

September 21, 2011


In August 2001 I telephoned Colin Campbell to discuss Peak Oil. During the conversation, Colin began to discuss what would happen with ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. The idea of ASPO was born at the end of 2000. Since January 2001 Colin had been writing a newsletter every month […]

There Will Be Peak Oil

September 20, 2011


In his book The Prize, Daniel Yergin showed how elegantly he can describe oil’s history. In his article in the WSJ, “There will be Oil“,Yergin has shown once again that he is a master of this discipline and this time he concentrates on M. King Hubbert and that scientist’s world famous Hubbert peak. Yergin aired […]

There Will Be Peak Oil

September 19, 2011


Direkt då jag I lördags läste Daniel Yergins artikel ”There Will Be Oil” bestämde jag mig att skriva ett svar. Jag hade diskussioner med Bob Hirsch i Washington hue vi skulle agera. Vi får se vad det blir. Har är mina personliga reflektioner över artikeln- There Will Be Peak Oil I sin bok The Prize […]

Green growth? A consumption perspective on Swedish environmental impact trends using input–output analysis / ”Sveriges klimatutsläpp är större än regeringen säger”

September 14, 2011


Today DN Debate published an article on our research on climate change and they chose to headline the article with “Sweden’s climate emissions are larger than the government is saying”. I suggest that you read it [”Article in Swedish”. ] and then you can make comments at this blog. The scientific research report [in English] […]