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Canada’s mining of oil sands has become an environmental issue / Kanadas utvinning av oljesand har blivit en miljöfråga i Bryssel.

February 27, 2012


On Thursday 23 February a panel of experts including representatives from all the 27 EU member nations voted on the position they would take to a suggestion that Canada’s oil sands be classified as a dirtier fuel than conventional oil. The vote did not give either side of the question a qualified majority – 54 […]

Four Peak Oil doctors / Fyra Peak Oil doktorer

February 26, 2012


Dr. Mikael Höök, Dr. Bengt Söderbergh, Professor Kjell Aleklett, Dr. Fredrik Robelius, and Dr. Kristofer Jakobsson. On Friday 24 February Kristofer Jakobsson defended his doctoral thesis and that means that I can now draw a line under 8 fantastic years. During March I will celebrate my 67th birthday which means that I will not be […]

“Peak Oil” becomes lithography / ”Peak Oil” blir litografi

February 16, 2012


When Olle Qvennerstedt agreed to illustrate my book “Peeking at Peak Oil” I was very happy because I knew that I would have one of Sweden’s most skillful illustrators at my side. But I could not guess that Olle would become completely enraptured by the task. Since we began with the work in Adelaide, Australia […]

Offshore drilling begins for methane hydrate

February 16, 2012


Enligt de scenarier som IPCC presenterade år 2000 så skall metanhydrater vara den största och dominerande naturgasproduktionen år 2100. Om dessa resurser finns i verkligheten vet vi inte men att det finns något vet vi. Japan har nu meddelat att man gör en första test produktion. I artikeln i artikeln i The Japan Time hittar […]

För och emot ”Peak Oil”

February 14, 2012


Tidningen Aktiespararen har nu publicerat den diskussion som Torbjörn Iwarson , SEBs råvaruchef, och jag hade om Peak Oil den 26 januari. Det är tråkigt att artikeln inte finns tillgänglig på nätet för alla utan bara för de som har Aktiespararen. Jag skall därför citera några stycken ut artikeln. ”Kjell Aleklett, fysikprofessor i Uppsala, har […]

Springer begins to sell Peeking at Peak Oil / Springer börjar att sälja Peeking at Peak Oil

February 14, 2012


At the moment I am in Bergen, Norway, to deliver lectures for the energy company BKK and for the Energy Forum in Bergen. The latter event was open to the public and, to my amazement, one person in the audience told me that he had ordered a copy of my book Peeking at Peak Oil […]

An interesting week with Peak Oil / En intressant vecka med Peak Oil

February 11, 2012


It has been an interesting week in the oil area. The fact that Springer [the publisher of Kjell’s coming book] pressed the start button last week meant that they wanted additional information during the weekend. Then they thought that the text on the back cover of the book was too long and so they reduced […]

Petroleum Production and Exploration: Approaching the End of Cheap Oil with Bottom-Up Modeling

February 3, 2012


Today was a great day. My Ph.D. student Kristofer Jakobsson made officially submitted his thesis Petroleum Production and Exploration: Approaching the End of Cheap Oil with Bottom-Up Modeling by the very old tradition of nailing it to our university’s thesis board. Apart from the nailed copy, the thesis is available for download from Uppsala University. […]