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Development Studies Conference in Liverpool

April 27, 2012


Development Studies Conference in Liverpool Since 2007 my research group Global Energy Systems at Uppsala University has had a collaboration with the University of Liverpool Management School and Simon Snowden. When he asked me if I could come and participate in the School’s Development Studies Conference on 26 April the answer was, naturally, YES. Simon […]

Peak Oil presentations in London / Peak Oil presentationer i London

April 24, 2012


I have now completed two extremely interesting days in London and I will begin my description with today’s important meetings in the government district of Whitehall. First I visited the Department of Energy that, as in Sweden, also covers environmental issues. My contact person in London, David Ratcliff from the Department of International Development, had […]

The international affairs meeting 2012 – day 2 / Det utrikespolitiska konventet 2012 – dag 2

April 22, 2012


Day 2 of the international affairs meeting began, for my part, with delivery of my presentation on Peak Oil. I thought that it was received well and impacted on many who saw it. By now I don’t need to tell you what I spoke about but I tried to introduce the security theme into my […]

Presentation at the Swedish Association of International Affairs meeting in Lund / Utrikespolitiskt konvent 2012 med tema “Säkerhet & Resurser”

April 20, 2012


I have been encouraged to announce in advance when I am giving a presentation and here is the next one: On 20-21 April the Swedish Association of International Affairs will hold its yearly meeting in Lund (the programme can be seen at: and on Saturday at 9.30 AM I will give an hour-long lecture […]

Föredrag på Utrikespolitiska Förbundet Sveriges konvent i Lund

April 19, 2012


Jag har blivit uppmanad att i förväg berätta då jag håller föredrag och här är nästa föredrag. Den 20-21 april har Utrikespolitiska förbundet Sverige sitt årliga konvent i Lund (program: och på lördag kl. 9:30 skall jag ha ett seminarium under en timma med temat: Peak Oil och framtidens bränsleanvändning. Jag skall vara i […]

The aviation industry begins to take an interest in Peak Oil / Flygindustrin börjar att intressera sig för Peak Oil

April 18, 2012


On average I receive one to two invitations per week to attend and make presentations at events in Sweden and elsewhere in the world. I usually politely decline most invitations but yesterday I did not hesitate for an instant to say yes. The World Bank had invited me to speak at the aviation industry’s largest […]

At last the “proof” of the book “Peeking at Peak Oil” has been read though. / Äntligen är ”proof” av boken “Peeking at Peak Oil” genomläst

April 17, 2012


During 6 intensive days Michael, Olle and I have read and corrected 350 pages of the book that was provided to us as a 350 Mb PDF file! The file was so large because it includes 110 illustrations scanned with a resolution of 600 dpi. From the beginning we were agreed that the book would […]

Australia’s airline Qantas begins to prepare for Peak Oil / Australiens flygbolag Qantas börjar förbereda sig för Peak Oil

April 13, 2012


On 1 October 2009 Global Energy Systems at Uppsala University published an article in the journal Energy Policy titled, Aviation fuel and future oil production scenarios” (E. Nygren, K. Aleklett, M. Höök). That report of our research was an expansion of Emma Nygrens Honours project. What we stated was that there was considerable evidence that […]

”Peeking at Peak Oil” – ”Author’s Proof”

April 10, 2012


Idag har jag fått ett efterlängtat mail från Springer, det mail som gör det möjligt för mig att hämta hem boken ”Peeking at Peak Oil” som ”Author’s Proof”. Nu har vi 6 dagar på oss att läsa igenom allt och ha synpunkter på brytningen av boken. Det kändes stort att läsa alla de betydelsefulla siffror […]

Skatteåterbäring – ett nytt öga

April 4, 2012


(Just in Swedish) Idag har jag fått lite skatteåterbäring, för 300 kronor har jag gjort en starroperation på vänster öga. Kom till Akademiska sjukhuset i Uppsala kl 10:00, skrivs in och betalade mina 300 kronor. Några minuters väntan innan jag blev inkallad till operationsavdelningen. Några droppar som vidgade pupillen. Patienten innan mig blev inkallad till […]

The debate on Peak Oil can continue / Debatten om Peak Oil kan fortsätta

April 4, 2012


The past week has been very Peak Oil intensive. This included preparations for my 20 minute presentation at Rosenbad – which was all the time I was allowed. I have now watched the recording of the presentation and, as usual, I was a little too keen to get my message across. (You can view the […]

The gas bubble burst in Poland / Gasbubblan sprack i Polen

April 3, 2012


A common argument against Peak Oil is that it is not a concern because there is so much shale gas that can be produced. In the EU a bubble of expectations has been inflated around future production of shale gas in Poland. Now that bubble has burst. In an article from Reuters we can read […]