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Interpellations debatt om Peak Oil i riksdagen.

May 30, 2012


(Lyssna till debatten) I går tisdag var det interpellationsdebatt om Peak Oil i Sveriges riksdag. Jag har just lyssnat till debatten som varade i 28 minuter. Tyvärr har jag inte tid att kommentera debatten just nu då jag om två timmar skall presentera min bok ”Peeking at Peak Oil” på ASPO-konferensen i Wien och genom […]

Energy policies will lead to diesel fuel rationing in Europe

May 24, 2012


Today (24 May), Sweden’s most widely read broadsheet newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, chose to publish a contribution from me on future oil production (Read the contribution in Swedish). They gave the article the following headline: “Energy policies will lead to diesel fuel rationing” Below is an English translation of the article by Michael Lardelli and I […]

400,000 visitors

May 23, 2012


Today, approximately 4 years after I began my blog, the total number of visitors has exceeded 400,000. This is a great moment for me and I would like to extend a big “thanks!” to everyone who has shown interest in my blog. Idag, ungefär 4 år efter det att jag började med min blogg, har […]

Peak Aviation

May 22, 2012


The Swedish airline Skyways has declared bankruptcy. Of course I am sorry for all those who have lost their jobs as well as for the affected customers. However, I am not surprised. Back in 2009 we published an article in the journal Energy Policy in which we explained that global aviation had reached its maximal […]

Read Chapter 2 “Peak Oil” in Peeking at Peak Oil

May 21, 2012


Springer has now decided to make Chapter 2 of Peeking at Peak Oil public for anyone to read. I hope you like it. Contents 1 Introduction .. 1 2 Peak Oil .. 7 3 A World Addicted to Oil .. 17 4 The Global Oil and Gas Factory .. 23 5 The Art of Discovering […]

Oil report from the ”Diplomatic Council on Energy Security”

May 20, 2012


The USA has selected a number of diplomats to form what they call the “Diplomatic Council on Energy Security”, DCES. One of those included in the DCES is the USA’s ambassador to Sweden from 1994 to 1998, Thomas L. Siebert. They have now presented their first report “Oil and the Trade Deficit; RISING ENERGY EXPENDITURES […]

Sales of Peeking at Peak Oil

May 19, 2012


For a number of weeks Amazon attempted to sell a paperback version of our book Peeking at Peak Oil but now that error has been corrected. Now there is only the hardcover version available on Amazon but they mistakenly state that the book will be released on 30 June when, in reality, it will be […]

Försäljning av Peeking at Peak Oil

May 17, 2012


Under några veckor har Amazon felaktigt försökt att sälja en paperback version av vår bok Peeking at Peak Oil men nu är felet tillrättat. Nu finns det bara en möjlighet men man anger felaktigt att boken skall komma ut den 30 juni då det i verkligheten är den 30 maj då ASPO-konferensen i Wien börjar […]

Translating ‘Peeking at Peak Oil’

May 15, 2012


On “ON LINE opinion”, Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate, Michael Lardelli has written an essay about his involvement in my book “Peeking at Peak Oil”. Thank you Michael for your enthusiasm and help. In the acknowledgement to the book you can read: Work on this book began in November 2010 when Michael Lardelli, […]

Peak Oil on Catalyst – Interview with Kjell Aleklett

May 8, 2012


In November 2010 we opened “Camp Peak Oil Adelaide” and Michael Lardelli, Olle Qvennerstedt and I gathered there to begin to write the book “Peeking at Peak Oil”. Catalyst is Australia’s most popular science program on TV and they visited Adelaide to film a segment and to interview me. The interview is now available on […]

Question on Peak Oil in Sweden’s parliament / Interpellation om Peak Oil i Sveriges riksdag

May 8, 2012


The Finance Ministry itself laid the groundwork for the question that the Green Party’s economic spokesperson Per Bolund has now directed to the Finance Minister Anders Borg. The report that the Expert Group for Environmental Studies commissioned from Øysten Noreng, “Peak Oil – An Economic Analysis” cannot be the basis for Sweden’s future economic and […]

FOKUS: “Det blir överväxeln direkt”

May 8, 2012


FOKUS: “The transition will be immediate” Sweden’s news magazine FOKUS, (that is issued once a week), came to Uppsala for a lunch to discuss the theme of Peak Oil. I share a name with the journalist who visited, Kjell Vowles, and he arrived well prepared on the train from Stockholm. Among other things he had […]