Sales of Peeking at Peak Oil

Posted on May 19, 2012


For a number of weeks Amazon attempted to sell a paperback version of our book Peeking at Peak Oil but now that error has been corrected. Now there is only the hardcover version available on Amazon but they mistakenly state that the book will be released on 30 June when, in reality, it will be available on 30 May at the ASPO conference in Vienna (read about the book on Amazon). Those who ordered the mistakenly offered paperback version have received a message that they can place their order again for the correct book.

Every book offered for sale on Amazon belongs to a particular category/subject area. Peeking at Peak Oil has been given the following classification: Geology as a subcategory of Earth Sciences which itself lies within Professional Sciences. Every hour Amazon updates its list of the most purchased books that have recently been – or are soon to be – released. As you can imagine, I am following this list with great interest. As I write this the book has the following rankings within these categories and subcategories:

Geology #1 (take a look how it is just now)
Earth Sciences # 5 (take a look how it is just now)
Professional Science # 65 (take a look how it is just now)

It is very pleasing to see these sales rankings two weeks before the book is due to be released.

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