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The art of “Hydraulic Fracturing”

September 27, 2012


Report 2 from China – Pipelines for oil from Canada’s oil sands

September 18, 2012


One of the reasons that I am in China is that, at the moment, we are discussing increased collaboration with the Chinese University of Petroleum in Beijing, CUPB. It is Professor Feng of the School of Business Administration at CUPB that leads research on Peak Oil at that university. He organised a workshop to take […]

Report 1 from China – oil and gasoline prices

September 16, 2012


After a problem-free trip with Air China from Stockholm to Beijing I have been well received by my host here in Beijing, Professor Feng of the China University of Petroleum. I went to bed quite early and now in the early morning I can no longer sleep. Today I will attend a little miniconference on […]

Will Saudi Arabia Become an Oil Importer by 2030? – new blogg

September 12, 2012


One week ago the news spread that Saudi Arabia would be forced to become an importer of oil by 2030. It was an article in Bloomberg’s Businessweek ( that announced this sensational news and referred to a report titled ”Saudi Petrochemicals – The End of the Magic Porridge Pot?” that was released by Citigroup Global […]

“Energy expert says world’s oil production has peaked”

September 10, 2012


The yearly Oil & Gas Conference in Denver was held from 12-16 August and reports from the conference have circulated for some time. Most remarkable is an article that discusses Peak Oil, ”Energy expert says world’s oil production has peaked”. It is possible to download all the presentations from the conference’s website and I have […]

Professor in Global Energy Resources

September 7, 2012


I like to inform about this position at the Department of Earth Sciences Application no later than 2012-09-28, UFV-PA 2012/954 Description of the scientific field: Uppsala University already has an established stature in energy research with the engagement in the Standup and Innoenergy projects (; Uppsala University is now in the process of further […]

Will Saudi Arabia Become Oil Importer by 2030?

September 6, 2012


In recent months many have tried to sweep the Peak Oil issue under the mat. These have mainly been people with strong connections to the oil industry. But two days ago an article was published in Bloomberg Businessweek that refers to a report by Heidy Rehman at Citi group. According to Bloomberg the report contains […]