Today, BBC Radio 4; Is ‘peak oil theory’ delayed by fracking?

Posted on January 9, 2013


(Swedish below)

The programme Today on BBC Radio 4 was to begin with news at 7 AM and then, at 7.15 AM the segment on Peak Oil was to begin. Yesterday they had said that it was to be a longer segment of 6 minutes and I was prepared for it. Seth Kleinman began and presented the conclusions that Citi showed last February. His conclusion was that Peak Oil would be delayed. If I had known that I would only get one chance to say anything then I would have been more forward. As it was, my input became very limited and the following and final comment was Seth’s. Yesterday I sent an email to Seth to confirm that he would be participating in the debate to which he replied. After the debate we have had email contact and his view on our participation is similar to mine, “Kjell, yes, it was cut so short as to be pointless”.

This is a good link for listening to the segment:

Today, BBC Radio 4, skulle börja klockan 7 med nyheter och klockan 7:15 skulle inslaget om Peak Oil börja. I går sa man att det skulle bli ett längre inslag på 6 minuter och jag var beredd på det. Nu fick Seth Kleinman börja och lägga fram de slutsatser som Citi presenterade i februari och hans slutsats var att Peak Oil kunde skjutas på framtiden. Om jag vetat att jag bara skulle få ett tillfälle att säga något skulle jag naturligtvis varit mer aggressiv, nu blev mitt inlägg ganska meningslöst då nästa kommentar blev Seths slutkommentar. I går kväll skickade jag ett mail till Seth för att få bekräftat att han skulle vara med i debatten, vilket han gjorde. Vi har nu efter inslaget haft mailkontakt och vad det gäller vår medverkan tycks vi har liknande uppfattning: Kjell, yes it was cut so short as to be pointless.

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