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The Voyageur oil sands project is stopped

March 31, 2013


According to the World Energy Outlook 2012 report, the IEA is anticipating production of tight oil, shale oil etc., will increase dramatically in the USA at the same time as Canada’s oilsands industry will thrive. In this light, the information released by Canada’s largest oil company Suncor Energy Inc. on 27 March must come as […]

Peak Oil conference in Doha, Qatar, April 3-4

March 29, 2013


The next very important Peak Oil event will be the Peak Oil conference in Doha, Qatar 3-4 April 2013: Peak Oil: Challenges and Opportunities for the GCC Countries. Read about the conference and if you are interested you can participate. Hompage: Homepage in English:

Full text Dick Cheneys speech at Institute of Petroleum-autumn lunch 1999

March 25, 2013


George W. Bush became US President in 2000 and Dick Cheney became his Vice-President. That means that the speech given by Dick Cheney at the Institute of Petroleum in the autumn of 1999 can be seen almost as an explanation of the political policy that George W. Bush drove during his 8 years as president. […]

Iraq war: 10 years on

March 25, 2013


It is now ten years since the Second Gulf War began. During recent days I have seen several programs on BBC World News that have taken up various aspects of the war. The Guardian has a series of articles collected under the headline ”Iraq war: 10 years on“. What amazes me is that none of […]

Cyprus, Russia and Gazprom

March 21, 2013


Yesterday Studio 1 (a radio station in Sweden) rang and inquired if I could participate in a discussion of the rumour that Russia was going to help Cyprus and that they would do this with an eye to oil and gas. The question was interesting and I began to look into a few facts required […]

PEAK OIL: Challenges and opportunities for the GCC countries

March 13, 2013


At the beginning of January I was invited to give a presentation and participate in a panel discussion on Peak Oil. Maybe this is not such a huge surprise but what was surprising was that the invitation was to a symposium titled “Peak Oil: Challenges and Opportunities for GCC Countries” that is to be held […]

Sweden’s export of renewable wind energy

March 5, 2013


The Energy Authority has announced that Sweden’s electricity generation during 2012 reached the highest ever level of gross production. It was 161.6 TWh which is 10% higher than in 2011. This high level of production meant that Sweden could export 19.6 TWh of electricity. If one compares electricity (that is exergy) with the heat value […]

Sveriges export av förnybar vindenergi

March 4, 2013


Energimyndigheten har meddelat att Sveriges elproduktion under 2012 nådde den högsta totala produktionsnivå någonsin. I siffror blev det 161.6 TWh, vilket är 10% högre än för 2011. Den höga produktionen medförde att Sverige kunde exportera 19.6 TWh el. Om man jämför el (som är exergi) med värmevärdet i olja och använder den omräkningsfaktor som BP […]