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New natural gas discovery in Australia (with comments by Michael Lardelli)

April 28, 2013


I have just picked up this news on a new natural gas discovery off the coast of Western Australia. The idea is for the gas to be cooled in order to liquefy it. They do not state the volume of this discovery but the text at the top of the figure states that 21 discoveries […]

New natural gas discovery in Australia

April 25, 2013


English to come Jag har plockat upp denna nyhet om nya gasfyndigheter till havs utanför västra Australien. Tanken är att gasen skall frysas ner så att den blir flytande. Man anger inte volymen på detta fynd men texten längs upp på figuren anger att 21 fynd från 2009 tillsammans motsvarar “10 trillion cubic feet of […]

What do you know about the world’s oil producing nations?

April 21, 2013


(Swedish below) The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet poses 10 questions about oil. You can test your knowledge. The introductory text is “In August, it was announced that a Norwegian oil field is larger than expected and that the oil discovery is the largest in the Norwegian section of the North Sea since the mid 1980s. […]

Peak Oil ”polska”

April 18, 2013


In 2005, Kelly Way from Hollywood, USA, had a plan to make a documentary about Peak Oil. The working name was “Asleep in America”. He spent 8 days in Sweden and on day 2 we recorded a music video for the film (day 2). The film was never completed but you can see a promo […]

The Canadian tar sands, the world’s biggest and dirtiest industrial project / Världens största och smutsigaste industriprojekt

April 16, 2013


Back in 2008 the world was in agreement that the production rate of cheap “quality” crude oil had reached its maximum. But the oil industry says that there is no need to worry since we have, among other things, oil sands to rely on. An advocate of exploiting oil sands was Tommy Nordin, the former […]

Gasprognoser bygger på fantasier

April 12, 2013


Den 8 och 10 april har Handelsbankens TV-kanal Studio 12 två inslag där man diskuterar skiffergas. Det första har rubriken ” Skiffergas slår ut vindkraft” och där berättar man att BP nu avbryter satsningarna på förnybar energi. Den gråna loggotypen har vissnat. Den 10 april är rubriken ” Gasprognoser bygger på fantasier ” och […]

The Oil and Gas Prime Ministers in UK

April 9, 2013


Margaret Thatcher, one of the United Kingdom’s greatest leaders has died. We can hear on the radio and see on TV how she is praised for her political deeds. Many consider that it was the changes in the economic system and her economic liberalism that led to the UK’s economic success in recent decades. Of […]

‘Qatar confident of future gas demand’

April 5, 2013


The conference “Peak Oil: Challenges and Opportunities for the GCC Countries” in Doha, Qatar, has ended. It was a very interesting Peak Oil conference and was the first to be held in the Middle East. I was given the honour of summarizing the conference and will write a summary when I am back in Sweden. […]