Peak Oil ”polska”

Posted on April 18, 2013


In 2005, Kelly Way from Hollywood, USA, had a plan to make a documentary about Peak Oil. The working name was “Asleep in America”. He spent 8 days in Sweden and on day 2 we recorded a music video for the film (day 2). The film was never completed but you can see a promo for the film on YouTube (the promo ). Many years ago when I played in a band I composed a “polska”, which is a kind of music to an old Swedish style to dance, and Kelly decided to record it. I named it “Peak Oil polska” and you can now see it on YouTube. Together with me you have Lennart Thorstensson from Kungälv playing the accordion and some friends from Uppsala. Lennart also played in the band when we were teenager. Now you can read about Peak Oil in Peeking at Peak Oil, look at Peak Oil on the very nice lithography’s that Olle Qvennersterdt has made and now also listen to Peak Oil.
(Listen to Peak Oil polska)

Peak Oil Litografier_1000

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