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Fossil Fuel Production, Economic Growth, and Climate (2)

October 29, 2013


David Rutledge, Kjell Aleklett, David Hughes, Jim Hansen, Charles Hall, Jim Murray, and Pieter Tans Session 160 has now been recorded, in total 4 hours. One camera was recording the speakers and one the slides. The next thing to do is to add the two together and separate the session into 8 individual presentations. It […]

Fossil Fuel Production, Economic Growth, and Climate

October 28, 2013


Information about Pardee Keynote Symposia “Pardee Keynote Symposia are special, interdisciplinary events representing the leading edge of a scientific discipline or area of public policy and addressing broad, fundamental issues in the geosciences. Selection is on a competitive basis. This year’s thirteen Pardee Symposia were reviewed and accepted by the Annual Program Committee; all speakers […]

Lucas Gusher and Spindletop – a depleted oil resource

October 21, 2013


Lucas Gusher and Gladys City 2013 During last weekend we visited Spindletop, Beaumont, Texas. It was there on 10 January 1901 that the oil era really got underway. On that day Captain Anthony F. Lucas and his drilling crew reached 310 metres depth (1020 feet) and the drilling mud, drill and the rest flew up […]

Oljekrisen 40 år

October 13, 2013


Beklagar att jag inte har skrivit något under en tid. Anledningen är att jag flyttat mitt kontor från Uppsala universitet till University of Texas at Austin. Jag har också varit på en intressant konferens i Las Vegas om framtidens flyg och i Berkeley för att diskutera sammarbete med forskare där. Då jag var i Berkeley […]