Fossil Fuel Production, Economic Growth, and Climate (2)

Posted on October 29, 2013


ISession 160c

David Rutledge, Kjell Aleklett, David Hughes, Jim Hansen, Charles Hall, Jim Murray, and Pieter Tans

Session 160 has now been recorded, in total 4 hours. One camera was recording the speakers and one the slides. The next thing to do is to add the two together and separate the session into 8 individual presentations. It turned out that Art Berman had to cancel his talk but Jim Hansen presented part of his slides about shale gas. All the speakers but Pieter Tans have been speakers at different ASPO conferences. We can say that Session 160 was, in some ways, a mini ASPO conference within the huge GAS meeting.

ISession 160b
ISession 160a

If you thought that interest for Peak Oil was dead I can report that only once before I have had a lecture hall as packed with listeners as yesterday in Denver. That was when I presented Peak Oil on Capitol Hill in Washington in 2005. Then, like now, people were standing along the walls. I will soon make my presentation available on the internet, but first I would like to write some comments to accompany the slides. I will also write about shale oil in the USA but, before then, I want to see what Steve Andrews from ASPO USA writes about the session. Steve was one of the participants at the first ASPO conference in Uppsala in 2002.

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