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UK taxes from oil will decline and cost of oil production per barrel to rise

February 28, 2014


The UK oil and gas industry had a production rate that was 8 percent less last year despite investing a record-breaking 8.9 billion pounds, Reuters reported. A report by industry lobby Oil and Gas UK revealed UK taxes from fossil fuels are expected to decrease to 5 billion pounds from 6.5 billion pounds in the […]

Clouds on the horizon for fracking companies?

February 24, 2014


Today, the Oil & Gas Journal has published an article with the headline, “Chesapeake mulls spinoff, sale of oil field services division“. The article is especially interesting since Chesapeake is one of the largest companies in fracking. On Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s website one can read that they are the second largest producer of natural gas […]

Future crude oil export from the USA

February 19, 2014


A refinery in Three Rivers, a boomtown in central Eagle Ford We regularly read in the newspapers that the USA will become an oil exporter. But at the same time if one reads what the USA’s energy authority, the EIA, publishes then we can count on the USA importing millions of barrels of oil per […]

Till Minne av Sven Kullander, en god vän och kollega/ In memory of Sven Kullander, a good friend and colleague.

February 13, 2014


(English below) Professor Sven Kullander har lämnat oss och saknaden är stor. Sven föddes den 9 mars 1936 i Karlstad. Han blev 1961 civilingenjör vid Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan i Stockholm och disputerade 1971 vid Uppsala universitet. Han har bedrivit forskning inom partikelfysik vid universitetet i Chicago och vid CERN i Geneve, men hela tiden har […]

Green Economy Workshop – A research agenda for a transition to a green, inclusive economy

February 12, 2014


On 10 and 11 February, the think tank Global Challenge organised a workshop to discuss the report that it had produced for Mistra, the Foundation for Environmental Strategic Research. Below is an introduction to the report and the seminars that Mistra organised. I participated in the seminar, “Peak Oil Postponed”. If you wish you can […]

NOG Symposium: World Energy Outlook 2013 – Energy Markets Changing

February 7, 2014


Image: Bo Diczfalusy On February 6 the Network for Oil and Gas (NOG) in Sweden organised a symposium at which the World Energy Outlook 2013 report was discussed, primarily in terms of a changing energy market. Personally, I was interested in what Bo Diczfalusy, ‎Director at the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Energy, would say […]

NOG-seminarium: World Energy Outlook 2013 – energimarknader i förändring

February 7, 2014


Bild: Bo Diczfalusy Idag den 6 februari ordnade NOG, Nätverk för Olja och Gas, ett seminarium där World Energy Outlook 2013 skulle diskuteras och då framförallt med inriktning mot en förändrad energimarknad. Personligen var jag intresserad av vad Bo Diczfalusy, Departementsråd i Näringsdepartementet, skulle säga om WEO 2013. Från december 2009 fram till december 2012 […]

ExxonMobil increases Permian Basin oil and gas acreage

February 6, 2014


In light of the increased interest in fracking (and that, primarily, in Texas), I note that ExxonMobil has increased its access to land for fracking: ExxonMobil increases Permian Basin oil and gas acreage “Through an agreement with Endeavor Energy Resources, L.P., XTO will fund development to gain substantial operating equity in approximately 34,000 gross acres […]