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Europas energiberoende av Ryssland

March 25, 2014


På onsdag den 26/3 kl 18:00 i Kerstin Ekmansalen i Uppsala Stadsbibliotek har jag en föreläsning med temat: “Oljans roll i Sverige – Om det svenska oljeberoendet idag och i framtiden”. Med tanke på krisen i Ukraina är detta ett högaktuellt föredrag för den som vill förstå underliggande fakta och möjliga utvecklingar. I en debattartikel […]


March 9, 2014


I was just about to write about the Russian oil and gas export and how dependent Europe is when I got a summary of this written by Michael Brenner. I have looked for the text on the web but have not been successful. Michael Brenner is a professor of international affairs in University of Pittsburgh […]

Seminar: Perspectives on oil production – is fracking our future?

March 3, 2014


News and comments about an ongoing shale revolution is spreading around the world. Technological advancement and higher prices have made oil and gas production from shale and other tight formations commercial in the United Sates and a dramatic increase in production volumes from these sources has been seen during the last couple of years. But […]

Russia is Sweden’s largest supplier of oil / Ryssland är Sveriges viktigaste leverantör av olja

March 2, 2014


Russia is Sweden’s largest supplier of oil and our dependence is increasing every year. During 2012 42% of our oil imports came from Russia while only 25% came from Norway. If the global export from Russia, 7.5 million barrels per day, should disappear the global economy will crash. Thankfully, we are not dependent on Russia […]