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Dubai as an oil producer

October 31, 2014


(“Peak Dubai”) The Emirate Dubai was founded in 1833 when the Al Maktoum dynasty and 800 followers settled on the western side of the Dubai-bay at the fishing village of Bur Dubai. The emirate was then included in the British protectorate treaty states (in English, Trucial States, also known as the Trucial Oman), and gradually […]

Heavy energy-consuming industry starts to leave Germany

October 29, 2014


During an international flight I usually pick up some of the international newspapers on offer and the first things I look for are interesting articles related to global energy systems. On the flight to Dubai the International New York Times was on offer. The business pages included an article with the headline, “A Pillar of […]

Do we have an oil chicken race ahead?

October 25, 2014


A week ago I wrote my story “The falling oil price may presage a future recession”. Along the same lines Gaurav Sharma has contributed a story on Forbes with the title “Saudis Vs Oil Markets: Who’s Playing Whom?” I like to high light these part of his story: “While the world was focused on Brent […]

The Baltic Sea is of increasing importance for Russia

October 25, 2014


My article on the strategically important of the Baltic Sea for the Russian oil exports, is now published in Aftonbladet, a Swedish tabloid and one of the larger daily newspapers in the Nordic countries. Read the article in Swedish on, ”Östersjön får allt större betydelse för Ryssland”. The Baltic Sea is of increasing importance […]

Peak Oil is still our future’s reality

October 24, 2014


(This is the final replay in the discussion on “The falling oil price may presage a future recession.”) In a reply to my previous contribution, “The falling oil price may presage a future recession”, Civil Economist Magnus Grill (19 October in Swedish) says that I assert, “that Peak Oil does not mean that oil will […]

Peak Oil är fortfarande framtidens verklighet

October 23, 2014


(English will come) Peak Oil är fortfarande framtidens verklighet I en replik till mitt inlägg ”Fallande oljepris ett tecken på recession” påstår civilekonom Magnus Grill att jag hävdar ”att Peak Oil inte innebär att oljan tar slut utan att efterfrågan på olja tar slut. Det är alltså inte längre fråga om Peak Oil från produktionssynpunkt […]

How can “sweet crude” oil be interchangeable with oil from fracking? / Hur kan ”sweet crude” olja vara utbytbar mot oljan från fracking?

October 22, 2014


I have received a question that I will convert into a blog: Bibi: I cannot understand how sweet crude oil can be interchangeable with oil from fracking. Is it a 1:1 relationship so that one obtains as much gasoline/diesel from a barrel of fracking oil as from a barrel of sweet crude? How is this […]

How far will oil prices collapse

October 22, 2014


Alexander Crawford has asked for my views on Gwynne Dyer’s article on the fall in the oil price, “How far will oil prices collapse”. Dyer begins his article with the following assertion: “The price of oil will hit its floor and it will rise again,” President Nicolas Maduro assured Venezuelans, whose shaky economy depends critically […]

Is the drop in the oil price a “Pump War”?

October 21, 2014


On 17 October I discussed the falling oil price in the “Focus” column of the newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet (The falling oil price may presage a future recession) and there were some points made in that article that can be compared with those in an article by the well known columnist Thomas L. Friedman in the […]

Kazakhstan’s largest oilfield will be shut down for at least two years

October 20, 2014


One of the world’s largest oilfields is Kashagan in Kazakhstan. When this 13 billion barrel field was discovered in the year 2000 there were production projections of 2 million barrels per day, i.e. equivalent to that of Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Production difficulties have been enormous and they currently estimate that an oil price of […]

The falling oil price may presage a future recession

October 17, 2014


(This is the English translation of my article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Fallande oljepris ett tecken på recession) Since July the price of Brent crude oil has fallen from $113 per barrel to $85.62 (on October 14). Historically we saw a similarly rapid fall in the in the oil price in late 2008 […]