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The Chinese Dream and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

March 31, 2015


Börje Ljunggren var Sveriges ambassadör i Kina från 2002 till 2006 och 2008 gav han ut boken ”Kina – vår tids drama”. Nu har han kommit ut med en ny bok om Kina, ”Den kinesiska drömmen: utmaningar för Kina och världen”. Forum för kinastudier vid Uppsala universitet ordnade på måndagen ett seminarium med Börje Ljunggren […]

Sveriges regering höjer bensinskatten med 8.2%

March 28, 2015


(Kortet togs för över 10 år sedan) Enligt Svenska Petroleum &Biodrivmedel Institutet var det genomsnittliga försäljningspriset för 2014 14,33 kronor litern och det är intressant att studera bensinprisets olika komponenter. Produktionskostnaden 4,70 kr/l motsvarar 747 kr per fat. Just nu är dollarkursen 8.60 så det betyder ungefär 87 dollar per fat. Bruttomarginalen 1,39 kr/l skall […]

Eagle Ford Traffic Deaths Increase 13% – How many of the traffic victims can be related to the extraction of shale oil?

March 25, 2015


During the period November 2014 to March 2015 I visited several of the 26 counties that cover Eagle Ford. Due to the heavy traffic made up of thousands of large trucks I was especially careful when driving around to study fracking. It is frightening to read that 272 people died in traffic accidents in the […]

Closing the ”fracking valve”

March 19, 2015


Since last autumn there has been overproduction of oil in the USA compared to what the market, OPEC and Saudi Arabia had planned. I have previously discussed how there is insufficient storage for this excess oil. It is fairly easy for the producers in the Middle East to close the taps and reduce production but […]

Music Aid and “A world addicted to oil” / Musikhjälpen och ”En värld drogad av olja”.

March 18, 2015


When “Music Aid” came to Uppsala, we naturally wanted to contribute something and the contribution turned out to be a lecture with the title, “A world addicted to oil”. The idea was that the lecture would be auctioned out to the highest bidder. The Prefect of The Institute of Geoscience thought it was a wonderful […]

The Oil Age – A new quarterly peer-reviewed printed journal

March 18, 2015


1. Background & Objectives The journal addresses all aspects of the evolving ‘Oil Age’, including physical, economic, social, political, financial and environmental characteristics. Oil and gas are natural resources formed in the geological past and are subject to depletion. Increasing production during the First Half of the Oil Age fuelled rapid economic expansion, with human […]

Global energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide stalled in 2014

March 16, 2015


In a media release the International Energy Agency, IEA, has announced that “IEA data point to emissions decoupling from economic growth for the first time in 40 years”. During the 1970s the exponential trend in growth in oil consumption of 7% annually caused prices to rise led to the end of that trend. The change […]

Comments on comments below the blog “The crash in the price of oil may change the oil market – …..”

March 12, 2015


Johnny has made a very good comment below my blog: ”The crash in the price of oil may change the oil market – a look at the IEA’s “Oil Medium-Term Market Report 2015”. A long answer is needed and I have given one in Swedish before and now we have the English translation below. This […]

Om artikel i Dagens Industri

March 8, 2015


Därför når världen aldrig peak oil I Dagens Industri finns denna artikel. Jag har inte möjlighet att skriva något m er detaljerat nu men återkommer.

Tight Oil Production Will Fall 600,000 Barrels Per Day By June

March 4, 2015


My dear friend Art Berman has made an interesting analysis of future oil production in the USA. This is the beginning of his blog: U.S. tight oil production may fall 600,000 barrels per day by June 2015 based on reasonable projections of current rig counts. I compared the decrease in rig counts that began in […]

U.S. running out of room to store oil and gas

March 4, 2015


This article from PennEnergy is very interesting. Question nr 1, why is the US importing to much oil? U.S. running out of room to store oil and gas NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. has so much crude that it is running out of places to put it, and that could drive oil and gasoline […]

Shell Canada withdraws application for Pierre River heavy oil project

March 3, 2015


The low oil price has meant that the number of rigs engaged in fracking is declining dramatically and in a few months production of shale oil will also decline. Now the low oil price has also affected the expansion of production from Canada’s oil sands. Shell has just decided to withdraw its application for its […]