The Book Exposition in Gothenburg – A review

Posted on October 7, 2015


01 bokmassan

The Book Exposition finished some days ago so it is time for a little review. In total, 94,715 people attended which is somewhat fewer than last year but for a first time attendee such as myself it felt like an enormous number. Quite a few of these visited our booth. One reason for the lower attendance at the Exposition may have been the very fine autumn weather in Gothenburg. When we applied last winter to attend the Exposition the plan was that our book would have already been printed for the event but we then intentionally delayed printing by a couple of months so we could monitor the rapid developments in the fracking industry in the USA. We see now that oil production from fracked wells is decreasing because, at an oil price around US$50, it is not longer profitable. It is also interesting to see that Shell has broken off its drilling in Alaska. We expect to see more project cancellations in future.

02 bokmassan

To return to the topic of the Book Exposition, although we did not have any printed copies of the book there were many people who ordered it to receive it when it is released. One such person was Bosse Bildoktorn (well known in Sweden for his TV program about cars). Among those who visited our booth there were several who regularly read my blog and it was a pleasure to meet them. There were also those who stopped at our booth to look because they thought the Peak Oil issue was interesting but there were also those who thought that there was no shortage of oil. To have such discussions with visitors over a four day period was very rewarding. There were also many interesting seminars that I wanted to attend but I had no time. Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to see that nearly 400 people have seen the seminar I delivered on YouTube (link to the seminar). Before we left the Exposition we were invited to return next year and that is a tempting offer. By then the book will definitely have been printed and in English and Spanish versions too.
04 engels och spansk

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