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Why is not Saudi Arabia on the Trump’s executive order on immigration?

February 7, 2017


Many wonder why not Saudi Arabia is among the countries in Trump’s executive order on immigration. The list of countries whose citizens are not allowed to enter the United States. If you read the State Department information on U.S. Relations With Saudi Arabia, you can perhaps get an explanation:   U.S. Assistance to Saudi Arabia […]

Response on the blog “Fracking as Swing Producer”

February 3, 2017


I have got a response from Norman on my blog “Fracking as Swing Producer”, and as I think that the response is important I publish it as a new blob. A large part of the significant reduction of the average cost of US shale oil wells is merely temporary. Much of the cost decline is […]

The Swedish parliamentarians receive the book, “A world addicted to oil”

February 1, 2017


  Last Friday the last load of 349 letters each with a copy of our book, “A World Addicted to Oil” was delivered to the Swedish parliament and our parliamentarians. During the week they should have opened their letters, read my comments on the book and, hopefully, begun to read it. Some lines from the […]

Production Decline Curves of Tight Oil Wells in Eagle Ford Shale

February 1, 2017


(Swedish below) The research that began in 2013-14 when I was a guest professor at the University of Texas in Austin became first a graduate thesis (by Linnéa Lund) and was then developed into a scientific paper in the journal Natural Resources Research. The paper is titled Production Decline Curves of Tight Oil Wells in […]