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Reclassification of reserves in Barnett

February 5, 2013


(The full figure is from the presentation by J. David Hughes at the ASPO-USA conference in Austin.) Today Oil&Gas Journal came with an Unconventional Oil&Gas Report. An interesting article is “PNR discontinues divesting Barnett shale properties” and this is a sign that some companies might rethink future investments in Barnett: “Pioneer Natural Resources Co. (PNR) […]

Happy New Energy Mix Year

January 1, 2013


It still takes one hour before my friends on the USA West Coast celebrate the New Year. My blog has Greenwich Mean Time. I’m honored that 600 persons mead 1000 visits to my blog on the last day of 2012. To all of you visiting my blog in 2012, I want to say thank you […]

China’s new aircraft carrier / Kinas nya hangarfartyg

August 11, 2011


China’s new aircraft carrier Last Wednesday [10 August] China showed that it is on the way to becoming an international great power. Its new aircraft carrier went to sea. In 1998 China brought an old Russian aircraft carrier that has now been completely upgraded. There are signs that it may be better equipped than American […]

The USA is living beyond its means

August 9, 2011


(Swedish version in separate blog) One question that has dominated the news in recent weeks is the USA’s debt crisis and I will begin there. The newspapers around Sweden are discussing this issue and one example is an editorial from Dagens Nyheter [a broadsheet] titled, “When craziness reigns”. When we celebrated the new millennium in […]

USA lever över sina tillgångar

August 7, 2011


(English will come) Semestern är slut och nu är det dags att komma tillbaka till min blogg. Det fanns tillfällen under ledigheten där en kommentar om energi hade varit på plats, men mitt beslut var att vara ledig. En fråga som dominerat nyheterna den senaste veckan är USA:s skuldkris och jag börjar där. Tiningar runt […]

Bombdådet i Oslo och morden på Utöya

July 25, 2011


Bombdådet i Oslo och de fasansfulla morden på Utöya påverkar oss alla. Det är ofattbart att en sådan handling kan planeras. Vi vet nu att attentaten inte hade något att göra med det faktum att Norge är ett oljeland men då första nyheterna om bombdådet kom och att oljeministeriet skadats fanns tanken där. Tankarna går […]

Thunder and Lightning / Blixt och dunder

July 22, 2011


I am currently on the island of Gotland and I had not planned to write a blog this week. However, Thursday evening’s events have made me change my mind. The electrical storm that passed the island was the most entrancing display I have experienced. There were an astonishing number of lightning strikes and their thunder […]

Global Conference on Global Warming

July 14, 2011


For the first time I have been invited to a conference on global warming so it was with excited expectation that I travelled to Lisbon where the conference was to be held (Global Conference on Global Warming). As well as listening to the invited speakers there was also the opportunity to submit ones own contribution […]

Almedalen 2011

July 6, 2011


Sometimes things change quickly. Last Sunday was the conclusion of the Tällberg Forum and the following Monday I travelled to Visby [on the island of Gotland] for the political week in Almedalen. When I arrived and saw all the activity underway the distance from Tällberg felt long. However, that evening I listened to the speech […]

Tällberg Forum 2011 (English)

July 4, 2011


(In Swedish as separate blog) It is time to summarise 2011’s edition of the Tällberg Forum. In a purely geographic sense the forum had moved its tent from Tällberg to Sigtuna but the rest was as usual. One should mention that the idea behind the Tällberg Forum is to gather together a variety of people […]

Peak Oil as a Film Theme / Peak Oil som filmtema

June 27, 2011


“Burn Up” is a TV mini-series in two parts that SVT (Swedish Television) has just shown. Interestingly, Peak Oil is the theme of the film. I must confess that it took until part two until Peak Oil was mentioned explicitly. The dialogue was, “This makes Peak Oil now” to which the reply was, “Yesterday”. Those […]

”Solvay konferens” om oljans framtid

June 17, 2011


Frends of Europé är en tankesmedja (think-tank) som ha sitt säte i Bryssel och tankeverksamheten koncentrerar sig framförallt på Europa. I april 2011 fick jag en inbjudan till att vara med på en rundabordsdiskussion den 15 juni 2011 och temat skulle vara ”The future of oil”. Platsen för diskussionen var Biblothèque Solvay i Bryssel. Då […]