International evaluation of Peak Oil research at Uppsala University

Posted on November 19, 2011


The research activities at Uppsala University have now been evaluated by an international panel and the research by Global Energy Research Group was ranked as high, to very high. The report can be found on the University homepage (read report) and on page 371 you can read the evaluation of my group. This is a very important statement about Peak Oil; “it is very likely that the GESG point of view is correct”. It is also unbelievable that the evaluation discusses the importance of our work in comparison with the work of Aristotle.

Below you have some of the notes:

Research quality

Using the formal Uppsala rating system, we assess the recent work of the GESG as a mix of top-quality, internationally high quality, and internationally recognized work. This especially reflects the series of 23 papers published in international highly ranked research journals, which are beginning to attract good citation numbers.

• The quality of the work is high, to very high.
• Further, the theme is of immediate societal, political, and economic importance, and well-researched, authoritative evidence from research groups such as the GESG is valued by the world, and will continue to bring great attention to Uppsala University.
• The panel identified the controversial nature of some of the findings of the GESG, but they felt it is very likely that the GESG point of view is correct, and that a distinguished university of long standing is a perfect homefor well-informed, academically sound researchers who occasionally annoy senior politicians and business people. As Lord Luce said in London in May, 2011, ‘ It was the job of an independent university not to be afraid to annoy people’, and similar views have been expressed down the centuries by Aristotle, Bacon, and Newman.

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