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Minewater heat in Heerlen / Gruvvattenvärme i Heerlen

September 30, 2008


The journey home from Halifax became dramatic when the airport found itself under the outer edge of a hurricane. There were many aircraft that could not land but those that were there could leave. A shaky start ended with a smooth flight over the Atlantic. Unfortunately, I must decline many invitations to speak, but it […]

Peak Oil Sacramento and Halifax

September 26, 2008


The peak oil conference in Sacramento was very intensive and you can find a detailed programme at ASPO-USA’s homepage.. I am currently writing a detailed summary that will be placed on ASPO’s homepage. All the presentations will also soon be available on ASPO-USA’s homepage. The most interesting contributions were those that discussed the various consequences […]

Production of oil and gas in the USA / Produktion av olja och gas I USA

September 23, 2008


Hurricane Ike has passed Texas and it is time to check the bill. The Minerals Management Service, MMS, reports that 49 of 3800 production platforms have been destroyed and they do not know if they will be repaired. This means that 1.3% of the platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have disappeared. In terms of […]

Berkeley and San Fransisco

September 21, 2008


ASPO-USA is a very active national ASPO association. From 21-23 September they are holding their fourth national conference in Sacramento. Around 500 people will gather together. When the conference is opened I, as the chairman of ASPO-International, will describe our international work and the global problems we have before us. Yesterday evening I landed in […]

Aviation Fuels and Peak Oil / Flygbränsle och Peak Oil

September 19, 2008


It is obvious that the aviation industry has problems. At the moment it is Alitalia’s future that is discussed in the news. Can the company’s passengers count on a return trip when they travel out to the wider world on an Alitalia ticket? Last autumn when the oil price began to rise we thought that […]

Architecture and Peak Oil / Arkitektur och Peak Oil

September 16, 2008


At the “The Royal University College of Fine Arts” in Stockholm there is a Masters course of one year’s duration with the theme ”Resources”. For the academic year 2007-8 the theme for the course was Beyond Oil: Shanghai and in this year’s course, Resources 08, they are plunging deep into California. The theme is Beyond […]

Uppsala Research Makes a Breakthrough in China / “Uppsalaforskning får genomslag i Kina”

September 12, 2008


”Uppsala research makes a breakthrough in China”, says the headline of the article in the “Uppsala New Magazine” [Uppsala’s local newspaper] that describes our activities in China. (The internet version has identical text with the headline “His Mission is to Estimate Natural Gas Production”). If one opens the internet version of the article one can […]

30,000 visitors / 30.000 besökare

September 11, 2008


My blog is now four months old and the visitor total has just passed 30,000, i.e. over 7000 per month. It feels stimulating and inspiring and I will do my best to ensure that you who read my blog will continue to find something of value in it. One reason for the success is that […]

Peak Oil and Peak Oil Price

September 11, 2008


The price of crude oil now lies just above $100 per barrel – we have had a drop of $40 per barrel since the price-top in June. Some take the decline in the price as a sign that Peak Oil is not imminent. If we study the actual level of oil production then we don’t […]

New drilling boom in the USA / Ny borrboom i USA

September 8, 2008


In the USA in the 1980s they drilled for oil and gas more intensively than they had ever done before. The high price of oil was the driving force behind the drilling. Now the current high oil price has, once again, made more and more people interested in new drilling projects and the number of […]

China will dominate the oil industry / Kina kommer at dominera oljebranschen

September 5, 2008


The trip back to Sweden was a little longer than planned since the flight to Stockholm was cancelled. An rebooking to Copenhagen and then to Stockholm extended the travel time by 6 hours, but at 1AM I finally arrived home. While making a quick scan of the day’s mail traffic one email caught my eye […]

A summary from Beijing / En summering från Beijing

September 4, 2008


In a few hours I will fly back to Sweden and it is time to summarise the “Swedish Peak Oil delegation’s” successes in Beijing. We are definitely carrying home one or more gold medals in our baggage! We have had meetings with representatives from the energy sector from the university- and academy-world, from up- and […]