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Volvo and China / Volvo och Kina

October 29, 2009


For a while there have been rumours that the Chinese company Geely was going to buy Volvo from Ford. Yesterday came confirmatory information that this is the case. Volvo has been called the crown jewel among Swedish companies and it was with a tear in our eyes that we Swedes saw the giant corporation Ford […]

Global Energy Systems invited to Sweden’s parliament / Globala energisystem inbjudna till Riksdagen

October 26, 2009


At the initiative of Göran Lindblad, member of parliament from Gothenburg for the Moderates (the conservative party), my research group Global Energy Systems has been invited to parliament to present our research in a symposium that has the collective title “The reality facing the Copenhagen meeting”. Göran Lindblad is also the chairman for the Swedish […]

Dr. Chu, Dr. Aleklett, and the Price of Oil

October 22, 2009


The Oil Drum has written a story titled: Dr. Chu, Dr. Aleklett, and the Price of Oil, and at the end of the story they propose that Dr. Chu, Nobel Prize winner and Energy Secretary should go to Uppsala: “Maybe in the meantime he might sit in the odd seminar at Uppsala.” It would have […]

Crude Oil at US$80 per barrel / Råolja $80 per fat

October 22, 2009


Every 15 minutes NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) updates the current crude oil price. On Tuesday it exceeded US$80 per barrel for some hours. Yesterday at around noon New York time the price rose rapidly from around $78.40 up to $81.60 per barrel, i.e. an increase of three dollars. Since then the price has held […]

Ten million cars in China / Tio miljoner bilar i Kina

October 21, 2009


Chinese TV has proudly announced that they produced 10,000,000 cars this year. Together with imports this year’s total car sales are calculated to be around 13 million. These cars use gasoline and diesel. From one barrel of crude oil (159 litres) one can produce a maximum of 100 litres of gasoline and diesel fuel. If […]

ASPO-8: The 2009 International Peak Oil Conference in Denver

October 15, 2009


This year’s international ASPO conference in Denver was organized in collaboration with ASPO-USA and coincided with their national annual conference. Sunday’s parallel sessions held before the formal start of the conference offered interested Denver residents the opportunity to inform themselves about Peak Oil. Meanwhile, Peak Oil identities from around the world were given the opportunity […]

ASPO International Conference in Denver, 1

October 12, 2009


This year’s international ASPO conference is held in Denver, Colorado, USA. It is the first time that the conference is held outside of Europe. The fact that ASPO-USA is very active domestically made the choice of the USA for this year’s conference venue quite easy. The conference officially begins today, Monday, but yesterday on Sunday […]

Comments by Jean Laherrère on “Squeezing More Oil From The Ground”, Scientific American

October 5, 2009


Introductory remarks by Kjell Aleklett In the March 1998 issue of Scientific American Colin Campbell and Jean Laherrère published the classic article “The End of Cheap Oil”. That article became the starting point for the debate that has subsequently developed around a future peak of oil production. During the autumn of 2000 there were several […]