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VII ASPO Conference Barcelona 2008

October 31, 2008


On you can find presentations from the VII ASPO Conference in Barcelona and notes written by Dick Lawrence, Pieter Cornelissen and Charlie Hall

New friends / Nya vänner

October 30, 2008


Iceland stands at the edge of bankruptcy. Recently their Prime Minister Geir Haarde said, “In times like these we must look for new friends”. By new friends he meant Russia. From teetering on the edge of ruin Russia has raised itself. The high oil prices of recent years in combination with increased exports have given […]

OPEC and the oil price / OPEC och oljepriset

October 28, 2008


At the moments it feels as though my standard answer to the question on the future price of oil, ”It will be what we are willing to pay” is more justified than ever. It is primarily the Americans who have reduced their consumption. Over the last four weeks consumption in the USA has been 18.7 […]

100 months of ASPO / 100 månader med ASPO

October 23, 2008


ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas was, at first, a small network that received a newsletter every month from Colin Campbell.  I was invited to participate when I spoke with him in December 2000. I needed some figures and I had received his telephone number in an email. He said […]

ASPO-7 day 2 / ASPO-7 dag 2

October 22, 2008


This year’s ASPO conference in Barcelona concluded with a day where we discussed how Peak Oil will affect us in the future. A summary will follow in a few days on the ASPO homepage. There were 13 presentations in total plus my summary of the conference. Very frequently I receive questions about my view on […]

ASPO conference no. 7 in Barcelona / ASPO konferens nr 7 in Barcelona

October 20, 2008


Today the seventh annual ASPO conference in Barcelona, Spain began (conference home page) and this years theme is “Peak Oil: from below ground to above ground”. Catalonia’s minister for innovation, Josep Huguet, gave the opening speech and he discussed the importance of innovation for the future. As presidet of ASPO I spoke of the organisation’s […]

In July we reached the Peak Oil Price / I juli nådde vi Peak Oil Price

October 17, 2008


That is the headline of an article in Dagens Industri [a Swedish national daily industry newspaper]. Yesterday, Nils Åkesson, a journalist at that newspaper, called me and asked a number of questions. The article was then posted on the newspaper’s internet site before noon today. Here are the lines from the article that caught the […]

Ford and GM and the need for supporting vehicle research / Satsning på fordonsforskning

October 16, 2008


The rating agency Standard & Poor’s have put Ford and GM on credit watch with negative implications, saying the automakers could face “a serious challenge to liquidity” in 2009. GM and Ford own the Swedish car factories Saab and Volvo Cars with a production that has been focused on the American market. This has been […]

”A little tuft can often overturn a large load” / ”Liten tuva stjälper ofta stort lass”

October 13, 2008


The saying, “A little tuft can often overturn a large load” can be read in Petrus Laale’s book of proverbs. Petrul Laale lived in Denmark during the 15th century and many of his Latin proverbs are thought to date from the 1350s. The saying shows that dramatic things happened even in that time. The cost […]


October 12, 2008


I just discovered that some comments have been labeled as spam. Sorry, the comments are now there, but I think that some old ones might have been lost.

Environment Minister Carlgren and Bloggtoppen / Miljöminister Carlgren och Bloggtoppen

October 12, 2008


I just received the question,”Have you had the chance to educate Carlgren about Peak Oil?” (i.e. our Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren). The answer is NO! Last summer I was invited to participate in the Tällberg forum (information on the Tällberg forum) and Andreas Carlgren was also invited to speak. (My blogs from the Tällberg forum […]

Pensions and Norway / Pensioner och Norge

October 10, 2008


At the moment it feels as though the future’s energy problem have been parked on the Moon. Top story on this morning’s news was that the stockmarkets in Asia had crashed and towards midday this was diluted with news that the stockmarkets in Europe feared worse to come. On the main television news in the […]