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Svart guld göms i sand / Svart guld göms i sand

July 31, 2008


In the Industry section of Svenska Dagsbladet (a Swedish national newspaper) there is an article on tar sands. It is a well written and factual article that describes the possibilities for oil production from Canada’s tar sands, “Black Gold is Hidden in the Sand”. We at Global Energy Systems at Uppsala University have made a […]

A decline rate study of Norwegian Oil Production

July 30, 2008


Energy Policy, the International Journal of the Political, Economic, Planning, Environmental and Social Aspects of Energy, has accepted for publication our study of decline rates of Norwegian Oil Production. Most of the work has been done of my student Mikael Höök. The full article can be read on the homepage for Global Energy Systems, Uppsala […]

Oil will soon be in short supply / Oljan snart en bristvara

July 28, 2008


On June 5 Marian Radetzki, a Swedish professor in economics, published a debate article in the ”Current Questions” section of the Swedish newspaper “Sydsvenska Dagbladet” (South Swedish Daily News) with the title “The oil price is unjustifiably high”. Today my reply was published in the same section and was given the title, “Oil will soon […]

Klimatets gärdesgård – en krass verklighet

July 24, 2008


Då och då försöker jag att få in ett bidrag på DN-debatt, men det är väldigt svårt. Det faktum att mitt namn nämndes på ledarsidan gav mig visst hopp, men det blev nej. Min blogg ger mig en ny möjlighet att få ut mitt budskap så här ar det inlägg som DN sa nej till. […]

Welcome to the world Arvid! / Välkommen till världen Arvid

July 23, 2008


Normally I try to keep my family out of my blog but today is an exception. My daughter Lovisa has given birth to a son and I have become a grandparent for the fourth time. A fantasitic feeling! People sometimes ask me why I work so intensively with Peak Oil and sometimes I answer that […]

Crude futures below $130/bbl

July 20, 2008


During a few months the price of oil has been driven up to a level over $140 per barrel and we have heard speculation of future prices of $200 per barrel. However, at the end of last week the price sank by approximately 10% to a level under $130 per barrel. How should we interpret […]

Wine and ethanol production/Vin och etanolproduktion

July 19, 2008


The Church of Saint Eulalie in the little village of Montblanc, a typical Mediterranean village in the province of Languedoc in France, was mentioned for the first time in 1153 in a text from pope Eugene III. If one struggles up the church tower’s 35 meter high winding staircase one comes to a viewing platform […]

ASPO 2007 in Barcelona

July 15, 2008


The first ASPO conference was organised in Uppsala in 2002 and now it is time for the seventh conference that will be in Barcelona on 20 and 21 October. Yesterday I was in Barcelona and discussed various details with the local organisers. Details about the conference can be obtained by going to ASPO’s homepage, […]


July 5, 2008


The next two weeks will have limited contributions as I will have vacation. I hope you all will have a nice summer.

Last Summer with Ceape flights/Sista Sommaren med billiga flygresor

July 5, 2008


Every leading newspaper around the world now has articles on the aviation industry. The price of aviation fuel is breaking all records. Previously it was gasoline that had the greatest effect on fuel prices but now it is diesel and aviation fuel follows the diesel price. Maybe that purchase of a holiday house in Thailand […]

IEA and biofuels

July 2, 2008


The International Energy Agency, IEA, is an advisory body set up by the OECD. Sweden and 25 other nations are members of the OECD. In the international press the IEA is often called the OECD nations’ “watchdog”. The information that it produces should be available to the citizens of those nations but that is not […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream/En Midsommarnattsdröm

July 1, 2008


Now I have to take a step back in time to midsummer and the ”midsummer night’s dream” that Jenny Jewert describes in a column on the editorial page of the Swedish morning daily Dagens Nyheter. “When I had hopped over the seventh fence, I came to a fantastic meadow. Flowering wonderfully were cornflower, four-leafed clover, […]