Financial Times and “Peak of the Oil Age”

Posted on December 6, 2009


During the past week Financial Times had an article under “Understanding Energy Policy” with the headline “The burning issue”. Under the subtitle “Reaching a peak: Debate over oil supplies rages on” they discuss our paper “The peak of the Oil Age” and made the following comment:

“What many of its critics miss, however, is that the IEA itself is also deeply worried. As Fatih Birol, the IEA’s chief economist, explained to the Financial Times recently: “The uncertainties with respect to remaining oil resources and investment are so great that we cannot be confident that it will be possible to continue to increase world production.” Indeed, Birol believes the world must make a huge effort to curb its dependence on oil.”

Yes, I know that Dr. Fatih Birol is worried about the future and I hope that our peer reviewed articles can help him to change the IEA’s path to the future. Read the article in Financial Times

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